This year’s Melbourne Show guide

Guys going to the Royal Melbourne Show is expensive but here are some ways that you can save if you really want to go

Take public transport

Public transport isn’t free but at least it is cheaper than driving to the show. A weekend ticket for an adult per day is $6 and on the weekdays it is $8.20. For a child or concession it is $3 per day on the weekends and $4.20 it is per weekday. In regional areas, travel can vary between $10-$50 per person. And if you have a pass it works out to be free if you travel into the city everyday.

You can go and come back without the need to pay for petrol or parking. Parking at the show is around $20-$25 and petrol is always expensive. Luckily if you don’t have the option of public transport, Groupon has awesome deals for petrol.

Trains go from the city to the show every 10-20 mins and the 57 tram also passes the showgrounds.

Bring your own food and drink

Coles and Woolworths have a great range of lunch items and snacks as well as drinks. There will be food at the show but they don’t come cheap. You can also sample some of the food at the Woolworths pavilion and stock up on stuff to take home. Make your own coffee and drink it at home before you go to avoid the ridiculous prices.

To all those going sugar-free this September there will be lots of sugar on offer. So save your pennies and byo your own savory snacks.

Plan your show bags ahead of time

The show bag guide is now online and has all the items listed. Don’t buy a show bag which you don’t love or you don’t use their products. Most of the show bags have a drink and snack in them so you don’t need to purchase extra food or drinks. Just buy one bag in the morning and then buy again when you leave.

Buy your tickets online

You can save up to 30% off the ticket prices even more. Then you can avoid the queues at the grounds. You can buy them here and if you are an RACV member you can save even more.

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