Help the Salvos help the homeless

This September Grill’d are giving away 1900 burgers free over a few weeks and in each of their six Melbourne stores on a certain date. Every week the day will change and it is only for people who are in desperate need for food and shelter. But you need to get to the Hamodava cafe for your voucher. The Hamodava cafe is open for lunch and breakfast on the weekdays.

Everyday we see a lot of homeless people around Flinders St station and outside the gym and Woolworths. That is how bad things have got.

Do you want to do something to help the homeless get back on their feet? For a start, you can buy the Entertainment book off us as it has some great value offers and 20% of profits from each book sold goes to the Salvos.

I am running for the City to Sea for the Salvos and need your support and encouragement. This event will be in November and it is a 14km run.

The Salvos do their Christmas appeal every year and you can give generously.

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