Obesity and advertising

I am no expert on the subject of obesity but I see it rising every day. In Australia, we have about 63% of people obese and that is in rural and regional areas. In countries like the UK according to the British Heart Foundation, there are about 55% of girls and 70% of boys obese.


Why is it so?

I think the prevalence of fast food advertising in television is partly to blame for the rise. Young children see what they like and want it so bad. And so bad until it continues into adulthood. Also to blame for that rise is the amount of junk food advertised at the cinema whether it would be popcorn or chocolate or combos. When a new children’s film or a Marvel film is released there would some specially themed combo and people would want to purchase them so much that they don’t consider the size of it. ¬†I have noticed that in the last few years the combos have gotten quite large and people are eating more.

Also ready made meals are advertised a lot on tv and things like Menulog and other home delivery services are popping up making people not want to go out or cook. It might be for the time, poor people. People are working longer hours in the office and get home quite late.

Because people are time poor and gyms are too expensive for some there isn’t a lot of working out or exercise. Hence the fat.

What should the Government and society do to combat this problem?

I think the Government should limit a number of sweet shops in the city. Hoyts and Village should make their combos smaller or make them really expensive. And they should sell them on certain days of the week rather than every day.

As for take away foods, the Government should impose a levy that consumers pay to delivery services if they want their food home delivered. Fresh foods should be cheaper to encourage those to be healthy. They should be free for all low-income families provided that they show the supermarket their health care card.

As for the gym, low-income earners should get their membership at a subsidized¬†price. There are many online gyms out there that people don’t know about. People also could be encouraged to walk and run a lot. There should be more promotion of walking and running groups online.

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