Week 45 of the marathon and a few gratitudes

Tuesday’s run was not good. I did not sleep well the night before and it showed. I was very tired that day.

But Wednesday was better. Burned 463 calories on the bike and had a much better run. I slept well that night too which helps a lot.

And then Friday’s run was a rather easy one as I was getting used to running in new shoes. And that takes time.

Sunday’s long run was 35km but because I did not have enough sleep in the night, I started slow. Then I became faster and added more kms during the afternoon. This was due to the hay fever which has hit me. I took a tablet before bed and it did not work until a few hours later.

We started at Maribyrnong Park and then ended at Southern cross. This time we went up via Brunswick St and a new part of Richmond which has all the lovely housing and then Bridge Rd. At Brunswick St in Fitzroy there was a vegan festival going and I bought a lovely vegan dog for $4.50. Here there were many cheese tastings as well as chocolate.

At Prahran market I bought Kombucha and I almost barfed it but didn’t.

At Point Ormond it was windy and before I got there there was pizza for free! It was from the McCains people and it was from the people that appeared at Southern Cross a few weeks earlier but I got there too late.

Tried the SIS gel and it worked well this time. Here I was feeling more energetic. But I still have to get the nutrition right as without the fats I cannot run well. My body utilizes fat and carbs for energy for runs. This week I have been trying to go on a sugar-free diet but so far has not worked.

I got new shoes and with this one there are no laces- Yippee! At least I don’t have to slow down now.

A few thank yous

  • My family for supporting me throughout this entire journey. They provided me with food and the support I needed to get through this journey. They had to put up with all the talking about the marathon
  • My friend Kristian who is on Instagram and gave me a lot of encouragement.
  • Shape up for all the yummy shakes, especially Running Dad for all the help
  • Fitness first for helping me to get to where I am
  • To all the businesses for the invites. You can see the restaurant reviews here
  • To Running Heroes for the discounts. It is free to sign up
  • To Soul Origin for providing healthy lunch options for all
  • To About life for the healthy lunch options on Sunday as well as the hydration
  • To Lentils as Anything for providing a reasonable, healthy lunch feed. Without you, I could not run.
  • To Weekend notes for the movie passes

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