Gifted the movie.

From the director, Marc Webb comes a story about a six-year-old girl and her family. The movie stars Chris Evans and Lindsay Duncan and introducing Mckenna Grace as seven-year-old Mary.


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Gifted is a movie about a seven-year-old girl and her uncle. They live in Florida and her uncle works on the boats. He freelances. This seven-year-old girl, named Mary is an extremely clever child who does not want to go to school. She is talented in mathematics.

Gifted talks about being strange and abnormal. It also talks about dysfunctional relationships. It happens a lot here at the Salvation Army and out on the streets. You can hear people arguing all the time and being violent. The relationship between Frank and Evelyn is always argumentative as Evelyn is the bossy English lady who wants to take Mary away. There is also the problems with the current husband for Evelyn. And Mary is lost in between it all. She only has one friend and that is Rhonda who is forty years old.

I really did not understand why the director wanted to put the sex scene in the movie when it really talks about Mary.

They also talk about the Millenial prize for dead Dianne the daughter of Evelyn. Evelyn and Mr. Adler talk about Dianne and they argue about her in court. Dianne died of suicide and never got to solve the big mathematical problem.

Maths is one of the main subjects of the movie. The movie also talks about being focused and determined. It also talks about success. When Evelyn takes Mary to the university and they see the posters Mary is happy.

The court room scenes were also another big feature of the movie. Here it got all really emotional and tense in there. Evelyn wanted a court order so that she can see Mary a lot. Both the adults wanted what was best for Mary.

In the end, Mary got the best of both worlds and that is university and school.

Gifted is in cinemas now. Do see the emotional movie.


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