An August pantry challenge

I got the idea from Good Cheap eats in which they used all the stuff from their pantry and not buy a lot of new stuff.

Groceries cost about $800-$1000 per student.


My goal for this challenge was to make healthier and cheaper meals and snacks. Students cannot afford a lot of takeaway foods. Takeout costs about $2000 a year. It is budgeted on a $10 takeaway meal a day times by 16 and then times by 12 months.

I didn’t really save a lot but I did learn a lot. I did manage to use up my Coles gift cards and I did manage to use up some of the things in my pantry with the help of my flatmate. Here I discovered the manuka honey, black fungus among other things.  We used up some of the cooking chocolate to make a chocolate cake.


I also managed to finish my jar of molasses and added it to cereals and stuff. I also used my oatmeal up for breakfast and it was already in the pantry. My housemate bought a 5kg turkey for Xmas in August and we used for 5 different meals plus give some of it away to a friend.


We used the dried scallops to make XO sauce.

What we learned from the challenge is not to waste food. There are many homeless people in the city and if the supermarkets and businesses give all their leftover food to the homeless that would be great.

Most of the surplus food from the chain supermarkets and markets are rescued by Ozharvest who then takes them to the charities such as the Big Umbrella and the Salvation Army.

These days poor people dumpster dive when they need the food.

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