$21 a week challenge

I was inspired to do this challenge by Simple savings.

I have to live off $21 this week and it is not easy. This challenge goes for the next seven days. Here I can use the food already in my pantry, fridge, and freezer as well as the giftcard that Coles gives me.

I am doing the challenge for those people who are doing it tough on Melbourne’s streets. Food is very expensive nowadays and people waste food all the time. More and more people are losing their jobs or are just trying to keep a roof over their head.

Day 1

I spent no money but I bought snacks with a Coles giftcard which was previously bought.  I would have spent $35 if it was not for that giftcard that I bought a few months earlier.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with molasses and bread with jam- $0

Lunch: Penne pasta with minced turkey- $0

Dinner: Fried rice with Xo sauce- $0

Snacks: Seaweed, crackers, prunes, miso soup, nuts, protein shake- $0.

Day 2

I had to spend money on tea as there was no hot water on campus. AGAIN. My pot of tea and cupcake was $7 altogether.

Breakfast: Fried rice- $0

Lunch: Protein shake (prepaid) and mini burrito- $0 as I got the mini burrito free.

Dinner: Hainan chicken with rice (homemade) and Sirena tuna from Coles

Snacks: All from Coles. Crackers, popcorn, chips, mandarins, carrot, sausage roll, and prunes.

Day 3

Breakfast- bread at home

Lunch- Preordered shake and $4 Roll’d

Dinner- Hainan chicken and $10 vegetarian bowl. The one umbrella ran out of food and I needed some

Snacks- Fruit, carrot, celery, prunes, chips, myprotein brownie- $0

Day 4

Breakfast- bread with jam- $0

Lunch- Chicken salad at home- $0

Dinner- spag bol sauce with potato and wine- $0

Snacks- oats, myprotein whey, seaweed, fruits, yoghurt- $0

Day 5

Breakfast- toast- $0

Lunch- shake which was prepaid

Dinner- noodles homemade- $0

Snacks- all were free but the tea was $3.90. My protein brownie, hotdog, fruits, celery

Day 6

Breakfast- toast- $0

Lunch- pie that my flatmate brought home

Dinner- homemade spaghetti marinara


Day 7

Breakfast- oats, and toast- $0

Lunch- pre-bought vegan hotdog and salad

Dinner- eggs, xo sauce, and rice- $0

So what did I learn?

I learnt to use up what I have got at home and save some money for emergencies. Eg the hot water breaking down. Also I learnt to tolerate those that live on the streets with not much and learnt not to judge a book by its cover.

I learnt that all the restaurants are stingy with food for the homeless. The managers know the issue yet they don’t want to give.

To those always wanting free or cheap goods, keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter as many business promote their sales and events there.


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