Are cheat days good or bad for you

Great for some but bad for others who do it all the time. A cheat day is where you eat a lot of junk food and go off your healthy eating plan. But if you do it too often it can be bad for you. And don’t turn these days into weeks or months, ForContinue reading “Are cheat days good or bad for you”


Week 48 of the marathon

Had some hormonal issues this week. Began ovulating to only have a sharp dull pain and some vomiting. Hence I ran the 10kms but ran slow and didn’t do it as well as I liked. Also, there were train replacement buses for most of the week hence I had to finish early in order notContinue reading “Week 48 of the marathon”

The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser is a show about losing weight.  They have about 15-20 contestants per season and someone gets eliminated each week. But how good is it for the average Joe? We discuss the issue here. The Biggest Loser has been around for some time now and it is really popular in America as thereContinue reading “The Biggest Loser”

Nurofen Zavance tablets

I got this free thanks to Coles. But normally they would be $4.20 at Coles to $7.00 at 7-11. Nurofen Zadvance helped got rid of my cramps. I only just needed two tablets and then I was fine for the rest of the day. I have really bad cramps that make running painful on periodContinue reading “Nurofen Zavance tablets”

365 cafe by Akira

This popular cafe is in Prahran but now they have opened up shop in Melbourne Central in what used to be the Sugar Shop. And Melburnians welcomed the healthy change. We as Melburnians want to be healthy and lose weight and the only way to do this is to get rid of the sugar andContinue reading “365 cafe by Akira”

Periods and running

This post is for the ladies, so if you are not a lady then please click the close button. Getting your period and running is a very complicated thing and it can take a while to get used to. You’ll have to get used to running with a pad and work out your nutrition TheContinue reading “Periods and running”

Week 47 of the Marathon

This week started really slow as I just had my period and lost a fair amount of blood and 1.6 kg of muscle. I usually lose muscle when I have my period.  Hence my run did not go so well. I also lose a bit of water when I vomit during my period. Have beenContinue reading “Week 47 of the Marathon”

Eat your fruit and vegetables by Akira

As a runner we need to eat our fruits and vegetables for our health. But where do we find them for cheap? Eating your fruit and vegetables every day is important and it is easy to incorporate them into your meals. In Melbourne we have many markets in which you can shop for produce andContinue reading “Eat your fruit and vegetables by Akira”

Why alcohol should be limited on flights

There has been a lot of debate on why alcohol should be limited on flights. We are here to talk about this issue as it has been a problem for some people.     Australia has responsible service of alcohol laws to stop people from being drunk in a public place. Well a plane isContinue reading “Why alcohol should be limited on flights”

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