Week 44 of the marathon

This week’s run has been good. I run much better on sugar as I have an energy hit and a huge one at that.

It was also Fitness First in Melbourne Central’s birthday and because it was their 12th year there was a special raffle. Tickets were $2 each. They were raising money for their charity Jeans for Genes. They also had a giant Pokemon cake which was great.

Then on Wednesday, I burnt 400 calories on the bike and because it was soooo cold that night I could not sleep.

Then on Friday I burnt 390 calories on the bike and went for a very short run.

The long run was on Saturday the day after a short run. This was not such a good idea. It was a fine day with a top of 15C and not a lot of the wind in the Point Ormond area. But still, I was not too happy with my run of 32km. I had wanted to put more in there but as the crowds on Saturday are different not everyone wanted to move. There were a few auctions on and displays being opened.

The legs were a little bit tired of all the bashing that I gave it on Friday night. The long run started from the Maribynong river and then ended at Southern Cross. Along the way, we ran past Mt Alexander road, Haymarket, City, South Yarra, Prahran, Windsor, St Kilda, Point Ormond and back. And yes I took the tram for a small part of it. I could have run back up Fitzroy st if the run was on Sunday.

Why Saturday you ask? It’s so that we could attend this Malaysian event in South Yarra which had free food. It was at a new display place in Yarra st. Here we tried all the usual Malaysian delicacies,

In Prahran there was the Creators Market in which I stopped to have a quick look and get a quick drink.

Then at the gym, I tried a pure protein 35g  drink. It was ok but except it had not much creaminess with it.

What have we learned so far:

We have learned to:

  • Like and try new foods. As such we love PB2, Banana rice, and manuka honey. And now we include kale in our diet. We eat this three to four times a week. Same as the molasses, which we never used to like. Also, we have eggs about 2-3 times a week
  • Not to rely on others to do things for us. We did everything ourselves including buying the necessary gear
  • Not to rely on Melbourne’s public transport all the time. As we know it is unreliable and we prefer to run everywhere within a 5-10km radius from the city. So long as we are not in a hurry that is ok.
  • Accept the homeless people as a part of society. As such we are running the marathon for those that are less fortunate
  • Appreciate wine, beer, and cocktails and pair this with food. As such there was a Campari tasting night in August and it was free for all to attend.

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