Some of my favourite runner snacks by Akira

Thanks to Coles for the giftcard in which we can spend at any Coles store or online.

For this article, we picked snacks which are healthy and meet the runners’ needs. Coles is a chain store all over Melbourne and Australia. For those that live overseas, you can find these items at Coles.



These snacks are high in carbs and therefore they are good for runners. Top it up with banana even better.

I enjoy the ABE bagels very much.

I know you can get this anywhere but I sometimes buy it at Coles just for convenience. They are packed with energy and potassium.


I love all sorts- it’s even better to have this at home with muesli or oats. Or just fruit on its own. I like mine with bananas and a little bit of honey. I sometimes like to put a thing called molasses in there for a bit of extra flavour and iron.


They are high in fat but they do have a lot of carbs and you can make wraps out of them. I love salad, tuna, banana or a meat wrap. I also like them plain too.

Coles hummus in a mini size

These are about $2 each and is good for the uni student who doesn’t like wasting food. They are packed in an easy one serve container and are portioned as a snack.

Dried fruits
I enjoy Ocean Spray dried fruits of all sorts. These are good for runners as they have plenty of iron in them. But they have sugars too.

5 of these have a lot of iron and potassium in them and they taste good too on their own. Mine is a brand called “Angus Park” which is Australian owned.

Canned beans
Canned beans on their own are great as a snack as they are packed with lots of fiber and iron. I also like to eat just for convenience, tuna and canned beans together.


I just only recently liked apricots as they are good in Vitamin C and iron. I found out about this through Runners world.

Runners what other snack ideas would you recommend that is wallet friendly?

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