Week 43 of the marathon

So I got a new powerbank, yay! No need to worry about the battery going too low on my phone.


Today’s run wasn’t too bad but I did lose balance at the end. Also the blood in my period is scant given that it is day 5. Thank god for the gym work. Eventually though by day 6 it finished.

Stretching was good though.

On Wednesday did a recovery run and then went to the Fair Food thing. And then went on the bike and burned 350 calories. I was a bit wobbly with the hills side of things but other than that good. Oh and I managed to get an rpm of 111 this time around. A first after having my period and no side effects. And then the weights and HIIT were a little bit wobbly.

On Friday it was wet and cold and therefore was hard to balance. I did try as hard as I can to get this run done.

Then on Sunday it was sunny and 15C. Spring is on the way. Today I added another hill as well as the one in Point Ormond and that made it to 34km. Here I ran hard and fast in some parts and slow in others. At least today’s run was better than last week. I had no PMS symptoms.

We ran from Maribynong park into Southern Cross station. Here we went by Ascot Vale, Haymarket, City, Port Melbourne, St Kilda, Elwood and St Kilda road.  Along the way we had eggs at Balderdash. They were scrambled and slightly overcooked. Moreover at Beaconsfield parade I felt a little bit queasy. I could still run just fine.

At the car park at South Wharf I forgot about the home show and the fact that the Melbourne Convention Centre had opened up extra parking. It was slow and chaotic there.

Then at Marine Parade just before the turn off to Point Ormond it was a bit crowded. But there was no wind thank god or rain. So I was able to get on just fine.

Then at Sandridge bar and cafe I decided to try having an icy pole on my runs. I did read about the fact that there will be icy poles offered in the Melbourne Marathon. Hence I wanted to try them to make sure that my stomach does not get too queasy ( I want to try nothing new on race day)!

Then I also tried an orange juice and I did not vomit it up afterwards. Yippee and felt energetic.


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