Getting rid of poo and other odours and stains

As a sports person I often am messy and leave sweat, food and other stains everywhere. Some of these stains are tough to get rid of in the normal wash.


Last week I pooped my pants. I tried natural washing and that did not get rid of all the odour.

But then thanks to Coles Supermarkets I received a Vanish Gel stain remover which has 2X more concentrate and is gentle on the skin.

This is a prewash stain and odor remover. All I had to do was rinse my pants out in the laundry and then apply the stain remover. This remover is a powergel and all you do is open the bottle and then squirt the gel on to the pants. Then you have to rub it all over the pants. Then leave it on the pants for about 5-10 minutes sometimes even more depending on how tough the stain is.

And then the pants goes into the normal wash and it comes out smelling fresh and not like the poo.

Do buy the quick and easy Vanish gel as it is easy to use and its available now at all supermarkets.


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