Week 42 of the marathon

This week was ok for me. For Tuesday’s short run had to fight the crowds in the city. Also for Tuesday’s short run had a Sangria before then at an exhibition opening and then had to keep on going to the loo every ten minutes for the first half. So frustrating.

Then the bike cadence test thingy failed. I go at about 50-100 watts and about 50-100 rpm. This test went on for about twenty minutes.

Then Wednesday’s short run was ok. But on the bike I burnt 431 calories in just a little over an hour. Smashing it. Then at home my muscles became a bit tight so I turned on the heater and sat near it to loosen the muscles.

Then Friday’s run was the first day of my period and I puked. I was out of breath easily. Then I burned 227 calories on the bike because I had lost too much iron.

Tried the new Whipped bar from Aussie Bodies on Saturday and all was good. It tasted just the same as the normal protein bar except a little bit more minty.

Sunday was ok. Ran to Point Ormond today. I started out near the river and then ended at Flinders st. Had Nandos for lunch and as a result of my very heavy period lost a lot of iron but I somehow managed to regain it.

Also checked out Yarra Park and its dog friendly. Many people went to the Melbourne and St Kilda AFL game and the Salvos were there doing their thing. I donated to them and you can do so too by buying the Entertainment book.

The first and second part of the run were good but then the third part was a bit sloppy. This was due to the lost iron and decreased appetite. But I had a juice from Emma and Toms and nearly puked.

Had a shower at the gym and all was good. I bought a new pair of shower shoes and bottle from Daiso. So hopefully this should be all good.

Female runners do you have any advice on running and periods? I tried to look online for some and there was not much. During the first few days of my period I don’t feel like eating much as I’m not hungry and I need to eat a lot.

And I don’t like to skip my period because of the bone issue (as in getting weakened bones).


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