Homelessness and why we are raising money for this year’s Marathon

Homelessness is really huge in Australia. So huge that there is a week dedicated to homelessness.


People can be homeless for many reasons including loss of income. You don’t have to be out on the streets just be homeless.

Every year charities like the Salvos do their bit to assist the homeless and about 29000+ Australia wide are turned away each year from housing services as there is not enough on the market to meet demands. The Big Umbrella is one such charity which feeds about 200-300 homeless in any given night. It says that “it is sometimes stretched to the limit with the amount and people”. On a cold night a lot of people turn up for the free food and other things.

So what more can we do to raise this issue?

Its great to have a National Homeless week each year. But what about having some of the people that work turn up for free food days such as the Big Umbrella’s free dinner each Wednesday and Thursday? Or even offering to volunteer for such charities.

More and more restaurants should also host charity nights where the proceeds of all foods and drinks sold goes towards a charity or two that assists the homeless.  For example Bay City Burrito did something for the homeless where they donated a blanket and a meal. And at the end of the night any food that is unsold could be given out to the homeless.

The average income earner should also try and walk in their shoes to see what it feels like for a day or two. They should try and wear really old clothes to go shopping and just see how that feels getting all the stares from the rich.

Oh and if you really want to help the homeless then do buy an Entertainment book off us  and you can do so here.


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