Week 41 of the marathon

So I tried to increase my food intake since Sunday I did not run really well. Ended up with 593 calories left in my body for all the other functions. Burnt 1500 overall. Then Monday I did just that and now my iron is good.

Tuesdays run was around South Melbourne, Albert Park and Toorak road. I had wanted to see how the Metro tunnel works are going around Toorak road. I also wanted to see the new tram route for myself and boy were the customers right. Too many cars could knock people out. Yarra trams should do what they did on Swanston st where no cars can go.  The path was narrow and really dark at times. I forgot the light. I had to walk for a bit, run for a bit.

This run felt really good but I was late again to yoga class. This was due to a police incident at Flinders st station on the way.  So I did some strength instead and so far so good.

But then Wednesday I burnt about 380 calories on the bike. See when I have a lot more energy I feel much better. And I am just past ovulation which means more energy to do the cardio and other gym work that I need to do. The one annoyance though is all the latecomers who come after we finish warming up. It’s an irritating habit. I used to do this quite a bit before starting to run for marathons. Now I have a good habit of get to the gym at least 20 mins early. In fact the good habit now goes everywhere with me.

Sundays long run started in Haymarket and then finished in Southern Cross. The run took us past the city, Prahran, St Kilda, Point Ormond, Port Melbourne and back. I started early at Maribynong park. And yes I did sweat a lot more. I started at 8:30am.

I had two lunches, one from Hari Raya and the other was from Lentils. I definately need all that food doing 31kms.

The rain at Point Ormond was really bad but after that I was fine.  It became sunny again and it stayed that way throughout the rest of the run.

At the end I sweated so much. So much that I needed a shower.

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