Victorinox’s Swiss Army Knife by Akira

And they have many versions of this same knife. I got this knife at Chadstone shopping centre as a birthday present to myself. It was $40 at the time as they were having a sale that day.


This knife is useful for many things such as cutting up food where there is no knife available or opening things. So many times in my workplace people forget to wash things and so of course there are no knifes. It does have a can opener but I never really had to use it. It also has a bottle opener too. There were many events so far where a knife is required.


Washing the knife is simple- all you have to do is pry the knife open carefully and rinse it in the shower or some warm water. Never use dishwashing detergent or put it in the dishwasher- it can kill the knife.

And don’t take it on the airplane when you have no checked luggage- security will take the knife off you. Leave it at home if you are flying.

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