National Diabetes week

Diabetes is of upmost concern for all Australians. Many of us get Type 2 diabetes mainly due to poor diet and too much sugary things. This week is National Diabetes week.  So we decided to do this week with homage to having no sweet or processed food.


On Monday I had dried prunes with no added sugar and beans with bacon and rice. All homecooked food.  For breakfast I had museli with banana and dried cranberries. These were not of the sweet sort. This morning Glory museli had no added sugar.

Tuesday I had free poke and Pad Thai. The poke was really nice but it is hard to avoid the temptation of having sweet things. I still had my prunes for iron and went on my run. I also did a bit of strength training.

Wednesday I forgot and had a small pikelet for breakfast. But afterwards I was not too bad.


And then Thursday and Friday it was ok. I did not have a lot of sweet things.

And then Sunday I went for my run and did just fine.

Do do this week next year if you can. I felt fine about giving up on sugar for just one week.


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