Dunkirk a movie review

Dunkirk is about the second world war and going into battle. It was set in 1940 during the French battle. Here it is about the Allied soldiers, British soldiers and French soldiers all fighting Germany. Directed by Christopher Nolan we’d expect it to be good. But is it?


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I loved the special effects and all the noises. It made the story more beliveable.

The movie is divided into three parts: 1) Mole (one week), 2) At Sea and 3) In the air. In the Air was fast furious. Mole was fine and one of the soldiers was the mole. It was the one which never said much. All the segments are interwoven with each other to make the story plausible.

I really loved Kenneth Branagh’s role in the movie as he was stern and led everyone.

It is a film about conflict and taking initiative. So what can we learn about conflict? Conflict happens in everyday lives. Whether it is about money or work or other things. In the film a lot of conflict happens in the air and in the mole segment.


The other theme is about taking inititive and being your own boss. In the film the soldiers took on all the initiative and in the end won. Commander Bolton and Farrier did just that in their parts respectively.

The major theme is trust and teamwork. Soldiers have to trust one another throughout the times. In my course we have teamwork online. That in reality is hard because of the time constraints and you can’t see one another. The mole didn’t talk or trust anyone and others did.

At Sea everyone worked together and they all brought or rescued someone from the sea (airplane wreckage).

The movie ends with everyone coming together and the soldiers being awarded for their efforts.

Do see this movie if you can. Out now in cinemas all over Australia



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