Week 40 of marathon training

I am not eating enough of the fats. I’m eating carbs ok and I’m only eating 7 meals a day instead of eight. Some of them are big and others are small. Hence the prolonged period.

At Tuesday’s training I pooped in my pants. The poop was big and really stinky and then when I got home I had to clean my pants. The rest of me was fine. Washed myself at the gym. Washed my pants but the smell is still there. My bad.

Wednesday’s spin cycle was good but the only thing was that I burnt 350 calories which means that I did not push hard enough. Also the speed at the start was 19km/h which was a tad bit slow. But I ramped it up and did a lot of HIT and strength workouts.

On Friday had free drinks at David Jones. I only had one and it was one hour before my run unlike Tuesday where it was straight before my run which meant pooping. That or the brussel sprouts was what caused the poop I think.

Friday’s run was ok. It was in Fitzroy where the Gertrude st projections were. They were really great.

Saturdays walk in the 20km per hour wind was not too bad but I struggled a bit. Imagine if this was race day at Point Ormond. I would be a little bit worse. Luckily for me I have an advantage over people that don’t go to the gym. I have strength and lots of it to keep me from falling over in the wind. And to keep my balance.

The weather for Sunday’s long run was supposed to rain but it got up to a top of 17C and it was sunny at Point Ormond. The run started at Run Melbourne in Birrang Marr and then it ended at Southern cross. The run took us past Port Melbourne, St Kilda and Brighton beach. In the morning I was quite hungry.

Then I went to Foxes Den in Port Melbourne for lunch. Here I had their Sunday deal for $12.50. It was nice and healthy and clean eating.

Then at Point Ormond it was not so windy so I was able to get a run in and tried Sis’s Go gel. Here the gel did not need any water but didn’t give me much of an energy boost. I did find that after Point Ormond on the way to Brighton there was a lot of foot traffic from the nearby cafe and that slowed me down.

Then on the way back it was not too bad and I was able to get a bit in. Oh I was also able to get a bit in at the start eventhough there was a lot of foot traffic from Run Melbourne.


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