Week 44 of the marathon

This week’s run has been good. I run much better on sugar as I have an energy hit and a huge one at that.

It was also Fitness First in Melbourne Central’s birthday and because it was their 12th year there was a special raffle. Tickets were $2 each. They were raising money for their charity Jeans for Genes. They also had a giant Pokemon cake which was great.

Then on Wednesday, I burnt 400 calories on the bike and because it was soooo cold that night I could not sleep.

Then on Friday I burnt 390 calories on the bike and went for a very short run.

The long run was on Saturday the day after a short run. This was not such a good idea. It was a fine day with a top of 15C and not a lot of the wind in the Point Ormond area. But still, I was not too happy with my run of 32km. I had wanted to put more in there but as the crowds on Saturday are different not everyone wanted to move. There were a few auctions on and displays being opened.

The legs were a little bit tired of all the bashing that I gave it on Friday night. The long run started from the Maribynong river and then ended at Southern Cross. Along the way, we ran past Mt Alexander road, Haymarket, City, South Yarra, Prahran, Windsor, St Kilda, Point Ormond and back. And yes I took the tram for a small part of it. I could have run back up Fitzroy st if the run was on Sunday.

Why Saturday you ask? It’s so that we could attend this Malaysian event in South Yarra which had free food. It was at a new display place in Yarra st. Here we tried all the usual Malaysian delicacies,

In Prahran there was the Creators Market in which I stopped to have a quick look and get a quick drink.

Then at the gym, I tried a pure protein 35g  drink. It was ok but except it had not much creaminess with it.

What have we learned so far:

We have learned to:

  • Like and try new foods. As such we love PB2, Banana rice, and manuka honey. And now we include kale in our diet. We eat this three to four times a week. Same as the molasses, which we never used to like. Also, we have eggs about 2-3 times a week
  • Not to rely on others to do things for us. We did everything ourselves including buying the necessary gear
  • Not to rely on Melbourne’s public transport all the time. As we know it is unreliable and we prefer to run everywhere within a 5-10km radius from the city. So long as we are not in a hurry that is ok.
  • Accept the homeless people as a part of society. As such we are running the marathon for those that are less fortunate
  • Appreciate wine, beer, and cocktails and pair this with food. As such there was a Campari tasting night in August and it was free for all to attend.

Future Whey

Future Whey is bulk nutrients new protein drink. Here they are not creamy but is more a recovery drink. With my protein smoothies I expect them to be milky and creamy and this was not. It also didn’t keep me sated.


Run Melbourne only had one flavour and it was cola. It was waaay too sweet for my liking. I also felt hungry afterwards and didn’t sleep well. It was only 99 calories. This protein powder is dairy free. It is great for those that can’t tolerate dairy, but after going to Shape up I prefer mine with dairy in there.

Sirena Tuna

Sirena tuna is an Italian tuna which you can buy at all Coles and Woolworths. Here I tried a tuna melt at Flinders st and it was really good. Here Sirena Tuna encourage people to eat healthily by providing free melts.  I enjoy the tuna in my salads and pasta. This tuna is light and quite fresh. It was $1 from my local IGA.

Sirena tuna is light in flavour and has many of the good oils that we need in our diet. Here they have 11g of protein. They also are moist in texture. They can be hard to open at times.

You can also add it to pasta and make pasta bake and here is the recipe from Taste.com.au

They also come in meals with beans for $3-$4 and I enjoy this convenience very much at the gym or post run. Here they have 200 calories of goodness.

Do buy Sirena Tuna from your local supermarket for your omega 3 goodness


Some of my favourite runner snacks by Akira

Thanks to Coles for the giftcard in which we can spend at any Coles store or online.

For this article, we picked snacks which are healthy and meet the runners’ needs. Coles is a chain store all over Melbourne and Australia. For those that live overseas, you can find these items at Coles.



These snacks are high in carbs and therefore they are good for runners. Top it up with banana even better.

I enjoy the ABE bagels very much.

I know you can get this anywhere but I sometimes buy it at Coles just for convenience. They are packed with energy and potassium.


I love all sorts- it’s even better to have this at home with muesli or oats. Or just fruit on its own. I like mine with bananas and a little bit of honey. I sometimes like to put a thing called molasses in there for a bit of extra flavour and iron.


They are high in fat but they do have a lot of carbs and you can make wraps out of them. I love salad, tuna, banana or a meat wrap. I also like them plain too.

Coles hummus in a mini size

These are about $2 each and is good for the uni student who doesn’t like wasting food. They are packed in an easy one serve container and are portioned as a snack.

Dried fruits
I enjoy Ocean Spray dried fruits of all sorts. These are good for runners as they have plenty of iron in them. But they have sugars too.

5 of these have a lot of iron and potassium in them and they taste good too on their own. Mine is a brand called “Angus Park” which is Australian owned.

Canned beans
Canned beans on their own are great as a snack as they are packed with lots of fiber and iron. I also like to eat just for convenience, tuna and canned beans together.


I just only recently liked apricots as they are good in Vitamin C and iron. I found out about this through Runners world.

Runners what other snack ideas would you recommend that is wallet friendly?

Getting rid of poo and other odours and stains

As a sports person I often am messy and leave sweat, food and other stains everywhere. Some of these stains are tough to get rid of in the normal wash.


Last week I pooped my pants. I tried natural washing and that did not get rid of all the odour.

But then thanks to Coles Supermarkets I received a Vanish Gel stain remover which has 2X more concentrate and is gentle on the skin.

This is a prewash stain and odor remover. All I had to do was rinse my pants out in the laundry and then apply the stain remover. This remover is a powergel and all you do is open the bottle and then squirt the gel on to the pants. Then you have to rub it all over the pants. Then leave it on the pants for about 5-10 minutes sometimes even more depending on how tough the stain is.

And then the pants goes into the normal wash and it comes out smelling fresh and not like the poo.

Do buy the quick and easy Vanish gel as it is easy to use and its available now at all supermarkets.

Week 43 of the marathon

So I got a new powerbank, yay! No need to worry about the battery going too low on my phone.


Today’s run wasn’t too bad but I did lose balance at the end. Also the blood in my period is scant given that it is day 5. Thank god for the gym work. Eventually though by day 6 it finished.

Stretching was good though.

On Wednesday did a recovery run and then went to the Fair Food thing. And then went on the bike and burned 350 calories. I was a bit wobbly with the hills side of things but other than that good. Oh and I managed to get an rpm of 111 this time around. A first after having my period and no side effects. And then the weights and HIIT were a little bit wobbly.

On Friday it was wet and cold and therefore was hard to balance. I did try as hard as I can to get this run done.

Then on Sunday it was sunny and 15C. Spring is on the way. Today I added another hill as well as the one in Point Ormond and that made it to 34km. Here I ran hard and fast in some parts and slow in others. At least today’s run was better than last week. I had no PMS symptoms.

We ran from Maribynong park into Southern Cross station. Here we went by Ascot Vale, Haymarket, City, Port Melbourne, St Kilda, Elwood and St Kilda road.  Along the way we had eggs at Balderdash. They were scrambled and slightly overcooked. Moreover at Beaconsfield parade I felt a little bit queasy. I could still run just fine.

At the car park at South Wharf I forgot about the home show and the fact that the Melbourne Convention Centre had opened up extra parking. It was slow and chaotic there.

Then at Marine Parade just before the turn off to Point Ormond it was a bit crowded. But there was no wind thank god or rain. So I was able to get on just fine.

Then at Sandridge bar and cafe I decided to try having an icy pole on my runs. I did read about the fact that there will be icy poles offered in the Melbourne Marathon. Hence I wanted to try them to make sure that my stomach does not get too queasy ( I want to try nothing new on race day)!

Then I also tried an orange juice and I did not vomit it up afterwards. Yippee and felt energetic.

Tip top’s new sandwich thins

I got this free at Run Melbourne where they were handing them out to everyone at Fed Square.

I tried it with cheese and cucumber as a snack and enjoyed them. They are only 99 calories, not enough for a full meal for us runners.

But for people trying to lose weight this is great.  The bread is already cut so the guesswork is already taken out of cutting the bread. Moreover you do not have to worry about cutting your finger. The bread is a small sandwich size and can easily fit into a child’s lunchbox or small handbag.

Do buy the bread from your nearest Woolies or Coles as they are there now. Or try and find the Tip top people out on the streets of Melbourne’s CBD for free bread as they were handing them out a few weeks ago.

Week 42 of the marathon

This week was ok for me. For Tuesday’s short run had to fight the crowds in the city. Also for Tuesday’s short run had a Sangria before then at an exhibition opening and then had to keep on going to the loo every ten minutes for the first half. So frustrating.

Then the bike cadence test thingy failed. I go at about 50-100 watts and about 50-100 rpm. This test went on for about twenty minutes.

Then Wednesday’s short run was ok. But on the bike I burnt 431 calories in just a little over an hour. Smashing it. Then at home my muscles became a bit tight so I turned on the heater and sat near it to loosen the muscles.

Then Friday’s run was the first day of my period and I puked. I was out of breath easily. Then I burned 227 calories on the bike because I had lost too much iron.

Tried the new Whipped bar from Aussie Bodies on Saturday and all was good. It tasted just the same as the normal protein bar except a little bit more minty.

Sunday was ok. Ran to Point Ormond today. I started out near the river and then ended at Flinders st. Had Nandos for lunch and as a result of my very heavy period lost a lot of iron but I somehow managed to regain it.

Also checked out Yarra Park and its dog friendly. Many people went to the Melbourne and St Kilda AFL game and the Salvos were there doing their thing. I donated to them and you can do so too by buying the Entertainment book.

The first and second part of the run were good but then the third part was a bit sloppy. This was due to the lost iron and decreased appetite. But I had a juice from Emma and Toms and nearly puked.

Had a shower at the gym and all was good. I bought a new pair of shower shoes and bottle from Daiso. So hopefully this should be all good.

Female runners do you have any advice on running and periods? I tried to look online for some and there was not much. During the first few days of my period I don’t feel like eating much as I’m not hungry and I need to eat a lot.

And I don’t like to skip my period because of the bone issue (as in getting weakened bones).

Homelessness and why we are raising money for this year’s Marathon

Homelessness is really huge in Australia. So huge that there is a week dedicated to homelessness.


People can be homeless for many reasons including loss of income. You don’t have to be out on the streets just be homeless.

Every year charities like the Salvos do their bit to assist the homeless and about 29000+ Australia wide are turned away each year from housing services as there is not enough on the market to meet demands. The Big Umbrella is one such charity which feeds about 200-300 homeless in any given night. It says that “it is sometimes stretched to the limit with the amount and people”. On a cold night a lot of people turn up for the free food and other things.

So what more can we do to raise this issue?

Its great to have a National Homeless week each year. But what about having some of the people that work turn up for free food days such as the Big Umbrella’s free dinner each Wednesday and Thursday? Or even offering to volunteer for such charities.

More and more restaurants should also host charity nights where the proceeds of all foods and drinks sold goes towards a charity or two that assists the homeless.  For example Bay City Burrito did something for the homeless where they donated a blanket and a meal. And at the end of the night any food that is unsold could be given out to the homeless.

The average income earner should also try and walk in their shoes to see what it feels like for a day or two. They should try and wear really old clothes to go shopping and just see how that feels getting all the stares from the rich.

Oh and if you really want to help the homeless then do buy an Entertainment book off us  and you can do so here.

Week 41 of the marathon

So I tried to increase my food intake since Sunday I did not run really well. Ended up with 593 calories left in my body for all the other functions. Burnt 1500 overall. Then Monday I did just that and now my iron is good.

Tuesdays run was around South Melbourne, Albert Park and Toorak road. I had wanted to see how the Metro tunnel works are going around Toorak road. I also wanted to see the new tram route for myself and boy were the customers right. Too many cars could knock people out. Yarra trams should do what they did on Swanston st where no cars can go.  The path was narrow and really dark at times. I forgot the light. I had to walk for a bit, run for a bit.

This run felt really good but I was late again to yoga class. This was due to a police incident at Flinders st station on the way.  So I did some strength instead and so far so good.

But then Wednesday I burnt about 380 calories on the bike. See when I have a lot more energy I feel much better. And I am just past ovulation which means more energy to do the cardio and other gym work that I need to do. The one annoyance though is all the latecomers who come after we finish warming up. It’s an irritating habit. I used to do this quite a bit before starting to run for marathons. Now I have a good habit of get to the gym at least 20 mins early. In fact the good habit now goes everywhere with me.

Sundays long run started in Haymarket and then finished in Southern Cross. The run took us past the city, Prahran, St Kilda, Point Ormond, Port Melbourne and back. I started early at Maribynong park. And yes I did sweat a lot more. I started at 8:30am.

I had two lunches, one from Hari Raya and the other was from Lentils. I definately need all that food doing 31kms.

The rain at Point Ormond was really bad but after that I was fine.  It became sunny again and it stayed that way throughout the rest of the run.

At the end I sweated so much. So much that I needed a shower.