Week 44 of the marathon

This week’s run has been good. I run much better on sugar as I have an energy hit and a huge one at that. It was also Fitness First in Melbourne Central’s birthday and because it was their 12th year there was a special raffle. Tickets were $2 each. They were raising money for theirContinue reading “Week 44 of the marathon”


Future Whey

Future Whey is bulk nutrients new protein drink. Here they are not creamy but is more a recovery drink. With my protein smoothies I expect them to be milky and creamy and this was not. It also didn’t keep me sated. Run Melbourne only had one flavour and it was cola. It was waaay tooContinue reading “Future Whey”

Sirena Tuna

Sirena tuna is an Italian tuna which you can buy at all Coles and Woolworths. Here I tried a tuna melt at Flinders st and it was really good. Here Sirena Tuna encourage people to eat healthily by providing free melts.  I enjoy the tuna in my salads and pasta. This tuna is light andContinue reading “Sirena Tuna”

Some of my favourite runner snacks by Akira

Thanks to Coles for the giftcard in which we can spend at any Coles store or online. For this article, we picked snacks which are healthy and meet the runners’ needs. Coles is a chain store all over Melbourne and Australia. For those that live overseas, you can find these items at Coles. Bagels TheseContinue reading “Some of my favourite runner snacks by Akira”

Getting rid of poo and other odours and stains

As a sports person I often am messy and leave sweat, food and other stains everywhere. Some of these stains are tough to get rid of in the normal wash. Last week I pooped my pants. I tried natural washing and that did not get rid of all the odour. But then thanks to ColesContinue reading “Getting rid of poo and other odours and stains”

Week 43 of the marathon

So I got a new powerbank, yay! No need to worry about the battery going too low on my phone. Today’s run wasn’t too bad but I did lose balance at the end. Also the blood in my period is scant given that it is day 5. Thank god for the gym work. Eventually thoughContinue reading “Week 43 of the marathon”

Tip top’s new sandwich thins

I got this free at Run Melbourne where they were handing them out to everyone at Fed Square. I tried it with cheese and cucumber as a snack and enjoyed them. They are only 99 calories, not enough for a full meal for us runners. But for people trying to lose weight this is great.Continue reading “Tip top’s new sandwich thins”

Week 42 of the marathon

This week was ok for me. For Tuesday’s short run had to fight the crowds in the city. Also for Tuesday’s short run had a Sangria before then at an exhibition opening and then had to keep on going to the loo every ten minutes for the first half. So frustrating. Then the bike cadenceContinue reading “Week 42 of the marathon”

Homelessness and why we are raising money for this year’s Marathon

Homelessness is really huge in Australia. So huge that there is a week dedicated to homelessness. People can be homeless for many reasons including loss of income. You don’t have to be out on the streets just be homeless. Every year charities like the Salvos do their bit to assist the homeless and about 29000+Continue reading “Homelessness and why we are raising money for this year’s Marathon”

Week 41 of the marathon

So I tried to increase my food intake since Sunday I did not run really well. Ended up with 593 calories left in my body for all the other functions. Burnt 1500 overall. Then Monday I did just that and now my iron is good. Tuesdays run was around South Melbourne, Albert Park and ToorakContinue reading “Week 41 of the marathon”

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