Week 39 of the marathon

So I just signed up for Training Peaks which is free. I also changed my calories goals in myfitnesspal which is free and I can now count the macronutrients properly. Before I wasn’t able to do that.

Went for a slow run today which is not too bad. then coughed as i lost a bit of iron. Then sweet potato chips from Grilld.


Then at the gym on Wednesday did a spin session and I burnt a lot less calories but went my 20km. I burnt 350 calories on the bike. Given that it is the  first week of menses I had lost a bit of balance and a whole lot of blood and iron. Hence I found the suspension to be a bit of a challenge. Finding my balance there was hard.

But lunges and the ropes were not too bad and nor was the weights. I finally picked up my mojo by then. But what to do about regaining the balance and keeping it during the first week of menses?

But then on Friday I found that I can lift a 10kg weight- a huge long stick one. Yippee. On Friday I was given free milo bars which I tried and they were a little bit sweet for me.

Thursday’s short run was a little bit slow with all that coughing. I had lost more blood by then.

Sunday’s long run was sunny in the morning and then cold and very wet in the afternoon. The route took us past Port Melbourne, St Kilda, Point Ormond and Green point and then back to the city.

I tried some sweet potato chips before I left and it was all good.

There was no coughing and my shoes held up just fine until it rained. Then they started squealching.

Lunch was at About Life in Port Melbourne. Here I tried the medium box of food for $11.50. In that there are a whole variety of vegetables, meats and good grains to choose from. These change daily but like Lentils in Abbotsford its a buffet. Except no seconds allowed.

I tried a aloe with mango and lemon drink and it worked quite well in the hydration department.

I did just fine until we got to Point Ormond. And then it rained really hard. I had my poncho on but my feet got all wet and so did almost everything else. Luckily though I have a hairdryer at my gym and all worked just as well

Then going back into the city on St Kilda Road the weather started to clear up and I ran just fine.

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