Fixing a shoe hole with Selley’s Shoe repair by Akira

I had a hole in my shoe this week and I think its from running it into the ground. I was going to chuck it out and buy a new pair of shoes and mind you my running shoes were expensive. I didn’t want to have to part ways with them so I looked up how to fix a shoe online and I found Selley’s.


This product was not available in Coles. They took it off their website and out of their stores and forgot to tell Selley’s (or the Selley’s site hadn’t updated their site) so I was misled. I wanted to buy it on my Coles giftcard but no such luck. It did however set me back a mere $7.95.

But it worked on my very small hole on my shoe. Within minutes it dried. You open the tube and delicately pierce the seal with a needle. Then you only squirt a tiny amount of it on to the affected area and press it together with both fingers until it dries.

But then to fully bind it together I had to use some duct tape as the glue didn’t work on its own. By Sunday the shoe was fine.


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