Week 38 of the marathon

Tuesday ‘s run was a little bit painful and my period is a little bit late again. During Tuesday’s run I felt a bit sore in the abdomen. Have been eating really healthy with minimal fats.

Coping with the winter cold just fine and I have not gotten a cold yet which is great.

Have been researching Triathlon and it is a bit different in terms of the nutrition side of things. In that we have to have more of everything.

The iron intake that I had is a bit low. Its been sitting on 22% on Tuesday. I have been having prunes and apricots as well as an egg.

I still have the odd bit diarrhea or two from having meals too soon but I need to fuel properly. And yes I have been taking those rest days.

Wednesday I burnt 400 calories on the bike. I have a really good instructor who helped me to do that. But my cadence is on 100-120. Bummer. It needs to get up to 200 for the triathlon.

By Friday my period came! Yippee! No more worrying about bone loss after all! Friday’s run was a little bit slow but I was just fine. I coughed and wheezed a little bit.

On Saturday I had the nausea but on Sunday I was much better but the long run wasn’t as good as I would have liked it to be. On Saturday I didn’t eat much and my body rejected all the food. On Saturday and Sunday morning I felt very tired.

The weather for Sunday’s long run was 12C with lots of wind.

In the first part of the long run I had some gut problems. I needed to take a really long break to get the poo out. Then in the second half I had a lot more energy but boy was that wind at Point Ormond the strongest. I had to walk most of the way and trammed some of the way back.

The long run started at the Queen Victoria Market at the Indian festival. The Indian festival was free for all to attend and there I tried a chutney. It was here that I got a free book courtesy of Mantra Lounge. I found it useful as it is a meditation guide.

In the morning my legs felt really heavy. It was a very cold morning. My hands and feet were cold and I was shivering for most of the morning. Until 12 noon that is. This was when the sun came out.

Then there was free ice cream at Luna Park. Of course I went and got some.

Now as a runner I think may need to increase my iron to meet all my needs. So far am liking apricots and prunes.

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