Spiderman Homecoming

Healthyinternational students saw the movie free thanks to the Salvation Army.


Spiderman Homecoming poster courtesy of Wikipedia

This movie is based around the other Spiderman movies and features Tony Stark from Ironman. Ironically this is set in a high school where Peter Parker is a teenager. In all the other movies we see him as an adult. Also ironically Michael Keaton is the villain when he used to be the good guy and Tony Stark’s servant.

The movie starts off with the Department of ┬áDamage control taking over this guy’s Adrian Toombes (Michael Keaton’s) business. From here he becomes the bad guy.

Four years later these guys rob the bank and the young Spider Man stops them.

Tom Holland plays Peter Parker and he does a good version of the character. He lives with Aunt May and his friend Ned always seems to be at his house assisting Peter.

The movie is all about learning and being a man/woman. Growing up can be a challenge. Peter parker falls in love and Mary Jane Watson is not in this movie. Pepper potts is there. It also features Zendaya as Michelle Jones the dorky student. She did not smile one bit in the movie, but she was smart. And so was Peter Parker.

In life we need to be guided and in this movie Peter Parker is guided by Tony Stark and he takes on this internship. In real life I am studying an online degree and am taking on some mentoring for the marathon at my gym. In real life I want to be able to do my own online fitness/weightloss business the natural way.

On finding your feet. In the movie Peter Parker has to find his feet when he first becomes Spider Man. To help him do that Tony Stark puts him through a series of tests and mentors him.

The Avengers are featured in this movie. Tom Holland was in the Avengers

Do go and see this movie as it is out in cinemas now. And do support the Salvation Army by buying a book through us. 20% of profits from the book goes towards supporting the Salvation Army.


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