Week 36 of the marathon

My parents don’t want me to join the gym but I know that in order to get good performance and be able to teach next year then I have to. I have been seeing good results so far. And I can cope much better with longer distances.

Watched The Tuxedo. It was a great action movie and a feel good one.

Tuesday’s short run was better. The scar on my knee is healing slowly and my knee is returning to normal.

Then Wednesday I tutored a friend. And I got a good result for the RPM and that is 354 calories in an hour. That is not bad for someone who has just returned to the gym. And they are thinking about doing the Ironman with their friends next year- all in the same team.

Friday’s run to Docklands was good except I was a bit short on time going from there into Collingwood. I didn’t anticipate a huge crowd at the Docklands winter festival. And then it was really cold at night. It went down to 1C.

Then on Sunday I was supposed to do 26km in 4.5 hours but didn’t end up there due to the inconvenience of St Kilda Road tram works and I have pulled my glute again. It ended up being a bit painful.

I did not anticipate the pain on St Kilda road having to wait for a bus. There was a long line of buses and many stranded people. It was the same on Toorak road and park st.

The Sunday long run started at Northcote and ended up at Flinders st. In the morning my legs were not used to going. I am normally a night time/ afternoon runner. By the afternoon my legs were much better then.

Went to Lentils for lunch and at 1pm there was a really long line of people waiting for cheap food. At Lentils it is a pay as you feel or can afford.


Tried Orange Juice again- this time from an organic brand along with yoghurt and I enjoyed this very much. Although at the end of my run the yoghurt gave me a bit of gas and poo.

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