Fixing a shoe hole with Selley’s Shoe repair by Akira

I had a hole in my shoe this week and I think its from running it into the ground. I was going to chuck it out and buy a new pair of shoes and mind you my running shoes were expensive. I didn’t want to have to part ways with them so I looked up how to fix a shoe online and I found Selley’s.


This product was not available in Coles. They took it off their website and out of their stores and forgot to tell Selley’s (or the Selley’s site hadn’t updated their site) so I was misled. I wanted to buy it on my Coles giftcard but no such luck. It did however set me back a mere $7.95.

But it worked on my very small hole on my shoe. Within minutes it dried. You open the tube and delicately pierce the seal with a needle. Then you only squirt a tiny amount of it on to the affected area and press it together with both fingers until it dries.

But then to fully bind it together I had to use some duct tape as the glue didn’t work on its own. By Sunday the shoe was fine.

Week 39 of the marathon

So I just signed up for Training Peaks which is free. I also changed my calories goals in myfitnesspal which is free and I can now count the macronutrients properly. Before I wasn’t able to do that.

Went for a slow run today which is not too bad. then coughed as i lost a bit of iron. Then sweet potato chips from Grilld.


Then at the gym on Wednesday did a spin session and I burnt a lot less calories but went my 20km. I burnt 350 calories on the bike. Given that it is the  first week of menses I had lost a bit of balance and a whole lot of blood and iron. Hence I found the suspension to be a bit of a challenge. Finding my balance there was hard.

But lunges and the ropes were not too bad and nor was the weights. I finally picked up my mojo by then. But what to do about regaining the balance and keeping it during the first week of menses?

But then on Friday I found that I can lift a 10kg weight- a huge long stick one. Yippee. On Friday I was given free milo bars which I tried and they were a little bit sweet for me.

Thursday’s short run was a little bit slow with all that coughing. I had lost more blood by then.

Sunday’s long run was sunny in the morning and then cold and very wet in the afternoon. The route took us past Port Melbourne, St Kilda, Point Ormond and Green point and then back to the city.

I tried some sweet potato chips before I left and it was all good.

There was no coughing and my shoes held up just fine until it rained. Then they started squealching.

Lunch was at About Life in Port Melbourne. Here I tried the medium box of food for $11.50. In that there are a whole variety of vegetables, meats and good grains to choose from. These change daily but like Lentils in Abbotsford its a buffet. Except no seconds allowed.

I tried a aloe with mango and lemon drink and it worked quite well in the hydration department.

I did just fine until we got to Point Ormond. And then it rained really hard. I had my poncho on but my feet got all wet and so did almost everything else. Luckily though I have a hairdryer at my gym and all worked just as well

Then going back into the city on St Kilda Road the weather started to clear up and I ran just fine.


Poked is a franchise which offers only just poke bowls. Here the staff are super friendly and you can find a poke shop on every street corner.

What are poke bowls you might ask and why are they the craze?


These days everyone is looking to get healthy and fit. A poke bowl is one of Hawaii’s most healthy dishes and it includes brown rice or salad, a protein and three other toppings. You can have more but they cost extra.

You order and pay at one of these poke stores and then they will fill your order for you fast

It is like the Japanese sushi bowl of chirashi except the poke bowl has pineapple and fried wonton crisps. It also has those edamame in it.WP_20170711_12_50_40_Pro

People say its like the acai bowl, but I say because of the fish and meat content it is more like a Japanese chirashi don.

Do visit Poked when you are in Melbourne as it is popping up everywhere in the city.

Week 38 of the marathon

Tuesday ‘s run was a little bit painful and my period is a little bit late again. During Tuesday’s run I felt a bit sore in the abdomen. Have been eating really healthy with minimal fats.

Coping with the winter cold just fine and I have not gotten a cold yet which is great.

Have been researching Triathlon and it is a bit different in terms of the nutrition side of things. In that we have to have more of everything.

The iron intake that I had is a bit low. Its been sitting on 22% on Tuesday. I have been having prunes and apricots as well as an egg.

I still have the odd bit diarrhea or two from having meals too soon but I need to fuel properly. And yes I have been taking those rest days.

Wednesday I burnt 400 calories on the bike. I have a really good instructor who helped me to do that. But my cadence is on 100-120. Bummer. It needs to get up to 200 for the triathlon.

By Friday my period came! Yippee! No more worrying about bone loss after all! Friday’s run was a little bit slow but I was just fine. I coughed and wheezed a little bit.

On Saturday I had the nausea but on Sunday I was much better but the long run wasn’t as good as I would have liked it to be. On Saturday I didn’t eat much and my body rejected all the food. On Saturday and Sunday morning I felt very tired.

The weather for Sunday’s long run was 12C with lots of wind.

In the first part of the long run I had some gut problems. I needed to take a really long break to get the poo out. Then in the second half I had a lot more energy but boy was that wind at Point Ormond the strongest. I had to walk most of the way and trammed some of the way back.

The long run started at the Queen Victoria Market at the Indian festival. The Indian festival was free for all to attend and there I tried a chutney. It was here that I got a free book courtesy of Mantra Lounge. I found it useful as it is a meditation guide.

In the morning my legs felt really heavy. It was a very cold morning. My hands and feet were cold and I was shivering for most of the morning. Until 12 noon that is. This was when the sun came out.

Then there was free ice cream at Luna Park. Of course I went and got some.

Now as a runner I think may need to increase my iron to meet all my needs. So far am liking apricots and prunes.

Gambling and how it affects your life by Akira

International students love to gamble but for some it can turn into an addiction. We explain the addiction and how you can go about getting help


In a casino. Image courtesy of

What is gambling?

Gambling involves visiting a pokies or a casino and placing a bet. It is a 50-50 chance of winning.

But for some people it can also turn into an addiction. This will be where things will start to go bad. For these people the casino can be their escape from daily life.

Gambling for joy is ok but only when done on a once off basis. For many students money can be quite tight so they go out to gamble at the casino or online pokies. It can lead to a lot of stress and hardship because people chase after their loses. Many friendships have been lost this way.

According to research done by Meld a few years back they say that Chinese international students gamble a lot due to academic and financial pressures. The same can be agreed upon by the SBS who mentions that the casinos have a lot of foods from their culture and inexpensive games for students to feel more at home. This year’s Chinese new year Crown participated and their casino became alive with all the decorations and the food. Thus it allured students and other Chinese into here.

In Australia casinos are all over the place. But in China gambling is forbidden. Therefore many students are scared to speak up about this problem.

Do you know of someone with a gambling issue? If so you should call Gamblers Help on 1800 858 858 which is a toll free number and they can help you out. All the information that you give them is confidential.


Week 37 of Marathon Training

My partner ” Its so cold late at night I don’t want you to go out”

Me ” I’m fine with this!”

In fact I have gotten used to running in the cold during the winter. I did it so much last year and I enjoyed every bit of it. I didn’t mind going out there for a run when it was freezing cold or I had a cold. In fact I run best in the cold.

Most of the marathoners do the same thing. They workout at the gym and then they run. And most of us don’t mind and can bear the cold. And there were people that ran on Saturday morning when it was only 1C along the river.

So to the partner who is a whimp, suck it up!

In fact on Tuesday’s run I ran 10km just fine except for that one teeny tiny problem of St Kilda Road being chaos with people not quite knowing where to go. The trams were so full at 5:40pm and then after a while the mayhem died down.

Hence I started slow. And I was rewarded a free Kombucha for my efforts by Yarra Trams. And so was everyone else for their patience and understanding. Although not everyone was understanding about the Metro tunnel works.

So whilst at Domain Road waiting for the people to pass by I went into Orient Express for a $5 wine and that seemed to work well in making sure that I run faster.

Then I had to decide on a snack and that was a $2 sausage roll from 7-11.

The Thursday run was quite alright to Jam Factory where I watched the Superhero movie. This was one of my better runs.

And then on Friday I went to Geelong for their Tastes of Central Geelong event which goes for three weeks. So there I tried out the Ironman course which is flat for most of the way. This a recovery run and a great way to take in some of the sights.

Then on Sunday I went for a long run of 26 kms which took me past the Point Ormond and Beaconsfield Parade. It was so windy and the sea was a bit rough hence being slow mo. But I felt good. I even stopped in at Prahran Markets Truffle festival for a bit of fun. I love going there on Sunday and the hype.

My flatmate gave me these new tablets which are supposed to be beneficial for exercise. I took one this morning and it gave me strength.

I was supposed to meet a friend at Lentils in St Kilda but he was one hour late and I had to get back to the course. If I waited for them for one hour I would not have been able to finish. So I went without them. Which I did not mind as I enjoyed the food.  Here they had curry and rice

A question: would you wait for a friend who is always late for an hour?

Spiderman Homecoming

Healthyinternational students saw the movie free thanks to the Salvation Army.


Spiderman Homecoming poster courtesy of Wikipedia

This movie is based around the other Spiderman movies and features Tony Stark from Ironman. Ironically this is set in a high school where Peter Parker is a teenager. In all the other movies we see him as an adult. Also ironically Michael Keaton is the villain when he used to be the good guy and Tony Stark’s servant.

The movie starts off with the Department of  Damage control taking over this guy’s Adrian Toombes (Michael Keaton’s) business. From here he becomes the bad guy.

Four years later these guys rob the bank and the young Spider Man stops them.

Tom Holland plays Peter Parker and he does a good version of the character. He lives with Aunt May and his friend Ned always seems to be at his house assisting Peter.

The movie is all about learning and being a man/woman. Growing up can be a challenge. Peter parker falls in love and Mary Jane Watson is not in this movie. Pepper potts is there. It also features Zendaya as Michelle Jones the dorky student. She did not smile one bit in the movie, but she was smart. And so was Peter Parker.

In life we need to be guided and in this movie Peter Parker is guided by Tony Stark and he takes on this internship. In real life I am studying an online degree and am taking on some mentoring for the marathon at my gym. In real life I want to be able to do my own online fitness/weightloss business the natural way.

On finding your feet. In the movie Peter Parker has to find his feet when he first becomes Spider Man. To help him do that Tony Stark puts him through a series of tests and mentors him.

The Avengers are featured in this movie. Tom Holland was in the Avengers

Do go and see this movie as it is out in cinemas now. And do support the Salvation Army by buying a book through us. 20% of profits from the book goes towards supporting the Salvation Army.

Week 36 of the marathon

My parents don’t want me to join the gym but I know that in order to get good performance and be able to teach next year then I have to. I have been seeing good results so far. And I can cope much better with longer distances.

Watched The Tuxedo. It was a great action movie and a feel good one.

Tuesday’s short run was better. The scar on my knee is healing slowly and my knee is returning to normal.

Then Wednesday I tutored a friend. And I got a good result for the RPM and that is 354 calories in an hour. That is not bad for someone who has just returned to the gym. And they are thinking about doing the Ironman with their friends next year- all in the same team.

Friday’s run to Docklands was good except I was a bit short on time going from there into Collingwood. I didn’t anticipate a huge crowd at the Docklands winter festival. And then it was really cold at night. It went down to 1C.

Then on Sunday I was supposed to do 26km in 4.5 hours but didn’t end up there due to the inconvenience of St Kilda Road tram works and I have pulled my glute again. It ended up being a bit painful.

I did not anticipate the pain on St Kilda road having to wait for a bus. There was a long line of buses and many stranded people. It was the same on Toorak road and park st.

The Sunday long run started at Northcote and ended up at Flinders st. In the morning my legs were not used to going. I am normally a night time/ afternoon runner. By the afternoon my legs were much better then.

Went to Lentils for lunch and at 1pm there was a really long line of people waiting for cheap food. At Lentils it is a pay as you feel or can afford.


Tried Orange Juice again- this time from an organic brand along with yoghurt and I enjoyed this very much. Although at the end of my run the yoghurt gave me a bit of gas and poo.