Fixing a shoe hole with Selley’s Shoe repair by Akira

I had a hole in my shoe this week and I think its from running it into the ground. I was going to chuck it out and buy a new pair of shoes and mind you my running shoes were expensive. I didn’t want to have to part ways with them so I looked upContinue reading “Fixing a shoe hole with Selley’s Shoe repair by Akira”


Week 39 of the marathon

So I just signed up for Training Peaks which is free. I also changed my calories goals in myfitnesspal which is free and I can now count the macronutrients properly. Before I wasn’t able to do that. Went for a slow run today which is not too bad. then coughed as i lost a bitContinue reading “Week 39 of the marathon”


Poked is a franchise which offers only just poke bowls. Here the staff are super friendly and you can find a poke shop on every street corner. What are poke bowls you might ask and why are they the craze? These days everyone is looking to get healthy and fit. A poke bowl is oneContinue reading “Poked”

Week 38 of the marathon

Tuesday ‘s run was a little bit painful and my period is a little bit late again. During Tuesday’s run I felt a bit sore in the abdomen. Have been eating really healthy with minimal fats. Coping with the winter cold just fine and I have not gotten a cold yet which is great. HaveContinue reading “Week 38 of the marathon”

Gambling and how it affects your life by Akira

International students love to gamble but for some it can turn into an addiction. We explain the addiction and how you can go about getting help What is gambling? Gambling involves visiting a pokies or a casino and placing a bet. It is a 50-50 chance of winning. But for some people it can alsoContinue reading “Gambling and how it affects your life by Akira”

Week 37 of Marathon Training

My partner ” Its so cold late at night I don’t want you to go out” Me ” I’m fine with this!” In fact I have gotten used to running in the cold during the winter. I did it so much last year and I enjoyed every bit of it. I didn’t mind going outContinue reading “Week 37 of Marathon Training”

Spiderman Homecoming

Healthyinternational students saw the movie free thanks to the Salvation Army. This movie is based around the other Spiderman movies and features Tony Stark from Ironman. Ironically this is set in a high school where Peter Parker is a teenager. In all the other movies we see him as an adult. Also ironically Michael KeatonContinue reading “Spiderman Homecoming”

Week 36 of the marathon

My parents don’t want me to join the gym but I know that in order to get good performance and be able to teach next year then I have to. I have been seeing good results so far. And I can cope much better with longer distances. Watched The Tuxedo. It was a great actionContinue reading “Week 36 of the marathon”

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