Week 35 of the marathon

Grazed my knee whilst training but it wasn’t a big graze. Have to learn how to fix myself up because on the course there might not be anyone to fix me up when I have a small fall like this.

Therefore Tuesday’s training was a little bit slower and more of a recovery run rather than a normal big run. I didn’t want to make the injured part any worse. Hence I was late in coming back to the gym with no yoga.

Wednesday’s RPM was just ok at 192 calories burnt in the half hour.

Then Friday I was much better and had a training session with my pt. This time we smashed it with ropes and stuff. He really made me jump on the boxes (not actually boxes but those type of cushions). And then there was the proper 45 second plank and run.  And then I got drunk at a pop up shop opening which was fun.  But I needed the carbs and the alcohol to help me go faster. And faster I did.

Sunday’s long run was tough. Not only was it hills and Victoria st but I had a little bit of a sore leg on the right side. It was just msucle cramps from sleeping on the right leg funny. Victoria st and Hoddle st was full of those charity collectors on the intersection- there was no sign or anything warning motorists about them. At the Salvos there are signs on the kerbside to warn people. The Salvos are nice like that. I hate being hassled for money by these so called charity collectors. One time I heard that the company called Appco takes all the earnings from the charities and only gives them 30% of earnings. That’s not fair I say.

I tried energy gels again and I think they may have also given me the spasms. I had one at lunchtime with water and lots of food and it didn’t have time to digest properly before heading off.


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