Week 34 of the marathon

Watched a few Youtube videos including Olympic games for the mindset. Then I know how much work goes into organising events like these.

On Tuesday my foot smelt a lot of foot odour. It has never been this bad. I must buy some foot deodorant.

Then I had some period pain but no period yet. It’s day 24. I eat enough although not as much calories as the last month. But I try. Eventually I get my period and don’t want to eat. Even if I do eat I barf. Hence not much energy in the first week. I found out that the Melbourne Marathon is in the first week of my period.

Do you have any advice on running a marathon with a period and not eating much? I ran a half on the third day of my period after the heavy bleeding. But I fear that the marathon will be on the first two days of bleeding.

This weeks yoga was about finding balance and inhaling, something which I have a lot of trouble with due to blocked nose. And this time I was not late, but the last to arrive.

Wednesday’s gym session didn’t do a lot but Thursday I learned heaps of new moves,

But then by Friday’s short run I was feeling much better and stronger thanks to the gym work that I did so I did heaps.

Legendary and That’s Amore cheese hosted an event to encourage people to eat more cheese. Runners especially need to try and eat as much cheese as they can for their healthy bones.

Here we had a platter of cheese and lots of cheese to our hearts content. Now we know better to eat more cheese.

And the more cheese we ate the better our run was on Sunday. For the first few km we went really slow and had no energy. But in the middle and the last few kms we had lots of energy and went faster. This time there was no complaint of iron and potassium losses.

Sunday’s long run was good but had to cut it short again due to forgetting to bring enough food. I was hungry half an hour before the race ended. But I did try out the new watch that Advil sent me and it was alright. It tells about the calories and not about the heart rate which is what I would have liked.

During this weeks long run I burnt about 1500 calories running. And I tried a new part of St Kilda and that is Chapel st where all the houses were. I have never been to that part of St Kilda before.

And at this week’s Hawkers Market I tried a couple of new Malaysian sweets such as the bun with the pink colouring and the Puttu Mayam which is another sweet dessert in which there is the vermicelli noodles and brown sugar. The brown sugar coats the noodles quite nicely to make it a sweet dish.

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