Bloggers vs brands by RMIT Newintstudents

Bloggers vs brands, well that is the question.

Well here at healthyintstudents blog and RMIT Newintstudents we don’t ask for brands and restaurants to invite us to dine at their place unless they really want to. They just don’t have all that money. Even if they did they might not risk it for a blogger who doesn’t do what they promised.


That being said, we like to pay for our own stuff to trial unless its free for everyone. We are not those bloggers who just ask for the free (unless we really liked something the first around) and get that free thing. And not review them. Nor are we those bloggers who never disclose that their products were free.

Yes we don’t have a huge following on Instagram. Our following right now is 281 people.

We like going to places and try things uninvited. Eg the Good food and wine show. We paid to get in.

I have attended many places in the past and people have requested things by saying “I am a blogger” and expect to get freebies. Yes we’re poor students but we don’t expect much. I don’t mind getting invites from places and things I support such as Honey bar or Leftbank. Or Newmarket hotel which is quite good. We like Sole Motive, X50 Greentea, Herbalife, Lulemon amoung others.


Blogging is supposed to be about sharing information and thoughts on a place or a process. Its also supposed to be a learning process where things are tested by trial and error.

Now if there was a price for your advertising on this site, it won’t be much as we are students and are learning a lot for online advertising and health. But if you want do shoot us a message at: and we can talk price then.


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