Meat free May

This May was Meat free May meaning that I had to go without red meat for a month. As a runner this was hard but I did not give in. In fact I wanted to see how runners get on by without eating red meat. Most people sign up for the reason of losing weight and saving money.


But some love to sign up because it help save animals lives. Everyday we eat a lot of meat. The average Aussie eats too much meat and not enough vegetables. Many supermarkets stock mock meat. I had a look at Where’s the veg’s posts for inspiration on what I can do during this month.


Signing up for Meat Free May was easy and it was free. This was done online. During those days I had a look at people’s Instagram. I included fish and seafood in Meat free May as they have a lot of protein, good fats and iron. I also included kale in my diet.

But my period came really late as I missed out on some good fats in terms of oil. Finding vegetarian places in Melbourne was hard. Enjoying kale salad and soybeans was easy.

I was not hungry but I felt clean. I enjoyed eating eggs.

Do sign up for next years Meat Free May as you never know what you might learn. This might be your solution to weight loss.

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