Week 35 of the marathon

Grazed my knee whilst training but it wasn’t a big graze. Have to learn how to fix myself up because on the course there might not be anyone to fix me up when I have a small fall like this.

Therefore Tuesday’s training was a little bit slower and more of a recovery run rather than a normal big run. I didn’t want to make the injured part any worse. Hence I was late in coming back to the gym with no yoga.

Wednesday’s RPM was just ok at 192 calories burnt in the half hour.

Then Friday I was much better and had a training session with my pt. This time we smashed it with ropes and stuff. He really made me jump on the boxes (not actually boxes but those type of cushions). And then there was the proper 45 second plank and run.  And then I got drunk at a pop up shop opening which was fun.  But I needed the carbs and the alcohol to help me go faster. And faster I did.

Sunday’s long run was tough. Not only was it hills and Victoria st but I had a little bit of a sore leg on the right side. It was just msucle cramps from sleeping on the right leg funny. Victoria st and Hoddle st was full of those charity collectors on the intersection- there was no sign or anything warning motorists about them. At the Salvos there are signs on the kerbside to warn people. The Salvos are nice like that. I hate being hassled for money by these so called charity collectors. One time I heard that the company called Appco takes all the earnings from the charities and only gives them 30% of earnings. That’s not fair I say.

I tried energy gels again and I think they may have also given me the spasms. I had one at lunchtime with water and lots of food and it didn’t have time to digest properly before heading off.

Harvest Box and their delivery service

Note we got the first box free from Running heroes and that is normally $7.95. You order by Thursday and then your box gets delivered by Monday or Tuesday next week. You can choose some different nut mixes to try.

Every week the flavours change and there are always some new ones for you to try.


Here I got the classic nut mix, the Mexican one and two other ones. The Mexican one was too salty and there was not enough spice to go with it. But I suppose nuts do have potassium in it and this is always good for runners.

The box comes with a handbook describing the different flavours of nuts.

Do order yours online now.

Week 34 of the marathon

Watched a few Youtube videos including Olympic games for the mindset. Then I know how much work goes into organising events like these.

On Tuesday my foot smelt a lot of foot odour. It has never been this bad. I must buy some foot deodorant.

Then I had some period pain but no period yet. It’s day 24. I eat enough although not as much calories as the last month. But I try. Eventually I get my period and don’t want to eat. Even if I do eat I barf. Hence not much energy in the first week. I found out that the Melbourne Marathon is in the first week of my period.

Do you have any advice on running a marathon with a period and not eating much? I ran a half on the third day of my period after the heavy bleeding. But I fear that the marathon will be on the first two days of bleeding.

This weeks yoga was about finding balance and inhaling, something which I have a lot of trouble with due to blocked nose. And this time I was not late, but the last to arrive.

Wednesday’s gym session didn’t do a lot but Thursday I learned heaps of new moves,

But then by Friday’s short run I was feeling much better and stronger thanks to the gym work that I did so I did heaps.

Legendary and That’s Amore cheese hosted an event to encourage people to eat more cheese. Runners especially need to try and eat as much cheese as they can for their healthy bones.

Here we had a platter of cheese and lots of cheese to our hearts content. Now we know better to eat more cheese.

And the more cheese we ate the better our run was on Sunday. For the first few km we went really slow and had no energy. But in the middle and the last few kms we had lots of energy and went faster. This time there was no complaint of iron and potassium losses.

Sunday’s long run was good but had to cut it short again due to forgetting to bring enough food. I was hungry half an hour before the race ended. But I did try out the new watch that Advil sent me and it was alright. It tells about the calories and not about the heart rate which is what I would have liked.

During this weeks long run I burnt about 1500 calories running. And I tried a new part of St Kilda and that is Chapel st where all the houses were. I have never been to that part of St Kilda before.

And at this week’s Hawkers Market I tried a couple of new Malaysian sweets such as the bun with the pink colouring and the Puttu Mayam which is another sweet dessert in which there is the vermicelli noodles and brown sugar. The brown sugar coats the noodles quite nicely to make it a sweet dish.

Bloggers vs brands by RMIT Newintstudents

Bloggers vs brands, well that is the question.

Well here at healthyintstudents blog and RMIT Newintstudents we don’t ask for brands and restaurants to invite us to dine at their place unless they really want to. They just don’t have all that money. Even if they did they might not risk it for a blogger who doesn’t do what they promised.


That being said, we like to pay for our own stuff to trial unless its free for everyone. We are not those bloggers who just ask for the free (unless we really liked something the first around) and get that free thing. And not review them. Nor are we those bloggers who never disclose that their products were free.

Yes we don’t have a huge following on Instagram. Our following right now is 281 people.

We like going to places and try things uninvited. Eg the Good food and wine show. We paid to get in.

I have attended many places in the past and people have requested things by saying “I am a blogger” and expect to get freebies. Yes we’re poor students but we don’t expect much. I don’t mind getting invites from places and things I support such as Honey bar or Leftbank. Or Newmarket hotel which is quite good. We like Sole Motive, X50 Greentea, Herbalife, Lulemon amoung others.


Blogging is supposed to be about sharing information and thoughts on a place or a process. Its also supposed to be a learning process where things are tested by trial and error.

Now if there was a price for your advertising on this site, it won’t be much as we are students and are learning a lot for online advertising and health. But if you want do shoot us a message at: newintstudents@gmail.com and we can talk price then.


Daley & Co

Daley and co have just opened up in the same place as Shape up. I have walked by it for some time but had not gone in. Moreover they were still settling down.

I went there for a coffee the other day and enjoyed it. Now I am back for lunch. Normally this would go on a food blog but seeing as this is a salad/health food place I figured it would be better put here. Go figure.

Here they have lovely staff that will assist with your decision and you can put all meals with a salad. Most of their meals is $12 and under. The waitresses were friendly to everyone.

For a Thursday lunchtime there were steady but not busy. Most people went to other eateries around that area.

The chef had gone home so I was not able to try out their egg dishes. Moreover Daley and co had just started on social media.

I got the salmon bagel with a feta and beetroot salad which was freshly made. Here I loved that they did not use the canned beetroot but fresh beetroot which is less sweet. They also use lemon in their bagel which I do not like. I just don’ like the tanginess of lemon in a bagel.

My friend loved his sausage roll. They are big and filling. And he enjoyed his pasta salad. Pity they didn’t have chips that day. If you are around that area, why not check out this place and Shape up upstairs?

Week 33 of marathon training

Have to be used to running in wet clothes and wearing them. The marathon may be wet and windy and its usually not cancelled when it is just that. So I usually wash my clothes the day before and wear them slightly damp. This is so that I can get used to the concept of being uncomfortable and not have chafing come race day.

The short run was good but the gym session was not so. My legs felt heavy and I haven’t been sleeping well. My body hasn’t quite got used to the cold temperature. It is winter in Melbourne  hence the temperatures are between 4-15C.

Winter is the time where all the homeless come out to play. The city streets are filled with such people and such violence at night. I sometimes get scared. This is usually on the popular streets where all the restaurants are.

The Sunday long run was great but I ran out of energy in the middle. I was getting quite hungry by the end. I didn;t have enough money on me or snacks. Went great and got 7.03 minutes per km for the first few kms. And then it went a little bit slower.  I was supposed to do 23 kms but because I had no energy at the end and was hungry,  I only did 21km.

Went past Bridge Road. It was good going up and down all those hills, but Birdge Road seemed a little bit quieter than a usual Sunday full of tourists. Some of the shops are for lease and there are some rennovations going on. But there were a few new restaurants around the area.

Went up Chapel st and it was busy at lunchtime with many of those going to eat at one of the trendy cafes. I went to Prahran market and tried out lots of samples. I wanted to see it for myself.

Then at St Kilda’s Fitzroy st there were a few roving performers as it was the Fitzroy st celebration. Many bars had happy hours at this time.

I also checked out the pier at Kereford st and it was awesome on a day like today. Most people went fishing here

And Runners world was right about taking protein on rest days. I did just that and I felt stronger today. This is one way to make sure that the muscles are recovered from a run.

Diet plans and why they don’t work- a discussion.

There are many diet plans in the market but most of them do not work and are costly. These days we find them all over the Internet. Most of them advertise for a quick one pound loss per day.


A reminder of what a healthy diet looks like

People set themselves up for high expectation wanting to lose lots of weight without the hard work. Most diets are just quickfixes without the hard work.

But in the end diets fail them.

You pay anywhere between $30-$100 a month for nothing. Some of the diet plans go for six months and others go for twelve months.

Most diets eliminate certain wholefoods which your body needs to properly function. After you finish that diet then you would put the weight back on. You don’t learn anything.

So what do we recommend?

We recommend lots of wholefoods and exercise. Try raising money for a charity by training for a fun run or a marathon. That way you’ll be motivated and will keep up the good habits easily.

Don’t skip meals. Your body works better on lots of wholefood and water and you’ll feel amazing afterwards. Don’t skip breakfast as without it your body cannot function and your metabolism slows.

Yes gyms can be expensive but sometimes a gym and good eating is what you need to get back on track. And there are people there to guide you.

Learning good habits takes time and patience. Most people wanting to lose weight do not have the patience.

Healthy readers what are some good habits for those looking to lose the weight? Do leave a comment below

Super Eight cafe

Super Eight cafe is in Peter Mac hospital and is said to be a healthy place for all the cancer patients and their visitors as well as the hospital staff. It is a big cafe within a stone’s thorw away from the tram stop.

At 10am they were frantically busy like other cafes within the hospital precinct. Here most people went for lattes and crossaints and got theirs to take away. There was a huge queue at the coffee counter.  I, on the other hand love eating in as I can savour my food and drink slowly and take in the atmosphere.

Here I love my egg wraps, but as such don’t like bacon in it. So I asked them to take out the bacon and they forgot. I didn’t mind taking it out myself. The good thing is that there is no sauce in it as sauce is added sugar. Bacon is just added animal fat which is not needed.

My soy latte was a little bit bitter though. It was a bit burnt. Last time I went there I had a better barista and they put the artwork on there.

Do come to Super Eight whenever you are waiting or visiting someone in the hospital.


Week 32 of Marathon training by Akira

I think I may be allergic to dairy. This morning I had milk and last night I had yoghurt and I kept on coughing and I spewed this morning. I just finished my period. I think I have too much too frequently in the last few days.

Either that or I have too much fiber. I can’t have had too much fiber according to myfitnesspal.

In this week’s meditation we learned that life has its ups and downs and that there are many stressors throughout the day. This is quite normal and we just have to deal with it. Whether it is a fight or not.

My short run was just fine. It was 8km with not a lot of walk breaks. Yoga was all about stretching and lifting- something that I have difficulty with. I have difficulty with balancing.

At the end of that run one mentally ill lady scared me on a busy Clarendon st in South Melbourne. It was such a rare occurance which made me think more about the Salvos and the good work that they do. So if you can please buy a book off us and help the Salvos achieve their goals.

This week’s gym session was good but not great. It could have been a lot better if I had eaten more food and not thrown up. But oh well there is next week and I burnt 250 calories just by spinning.

This weeks long run had been great. I felt like I had a lot of energy and lots to give. I did at one point pee on myself in my pants but that was because there was no toilet anywhere to do so.

On the first part I took it too slow- this was due to drinking too much alcohol at the food and wine event. It was mainly for a tasting. Then along the way we passed by the Hawkers Bazaar in Malaysia Hall. Then we took a look. Here there were a lot of meal items for $6-$8. Not bad but if your run is finishing late then it is not a good idea.

Then we took a detour along Chapel st to St Kilda. It was fun and very vibrant for a Sunday afternoon.

At night Point Ormond Hill looks great. It is hard to see but I enjoy the eerie side of things. I don’t enjoy the horns though along St Kilda Road but oh well. At least they are not horning me.

Meat free May

This May was Meat free May meaning that I had to go without red meat for a month. As a runner this was hard but I did not give in. In fact I wanted to see how runners get on by without eating red meat. Most people sign up for the reason of losing weight and saving money.


But some love to sign up because it help save animals lives. Everyday we eat a lot of meat. The average Aussie eats too much meat and not enough vegetables. Many supermarkets stock mock meat. I had a look at Where’s the veg’s posts for inspiration on what I can do during this month.


Signing up for Meat Free May was easy and it was free. This was done online. During those days I had a look at people’s Instagram. I included fish and seafood in Meat free May as they have a lot of protein, good fats and iron. I also included kale in my diet.

But my period came really late as I missed out on some good fats in terms of oil. Finding vegetarian places in Melbourne was hard. Enjoying kale salad and soybeans was easy.

I was not hungry but I felt clean. I enjoyed eating eggs.

Do sign up for next years Meat Free May as you never know what you might learn. This might be your solution to weight loss.