Week 35 of the marathon

Grazed my knee whilst training but it wasn’t a big graze. Have to learn how to fix myself up because on the course there might not be anyone to fix me up when I have a small fall like this. Therefore Tuesday’s training was a little bit slower and more of a recovery run ratherContinue reading “Week 35 of the marathon”


Harvest Box and their delivery service

Note we got the first box free from Running heroes and that is normally $7.95. You order by Thursday and then your box gets delivered by Monday or Tuesday next week. You can choose some different nut mixes to try. Every week the flavours change and there are always some new ones for you toContinue reading “Harvest Box and their delivery service”

Week 34 of the marathon

Watched a few Youtube videos including Olympic games for the mindset. Then I know how much work goes into organising events like these. On Tuesday my foot smelt a lot of foot odour. It has never been this bad. I must buy some foot deodorant. Then I had some period pain but no period yet.Continue reading “Week 34 of the marathon”

Bloggers vs brands by RMIT Newintstudents

Bloggers vs brands, well that is the question. Well here at healthyintstudents blog and RMIT Newintstudents we don’t ask for brands and restaurants to invite us to dine at their place unless they really want to. They just don’t have all that money. Even if they did they might not risk it for a bloggerContinue reading “Bloggers vs brands by RMIT Newintstudents”

Week 33 of marathon training

Have to be used to running in wet clothes and wearing them. The marathon may be wet and windy and its usually not cancelled when it is just that. So I usually wash my clothes the day before and wear them slightly damp. This is so that I can get used to the concept ofContinue reading “Week 33 of marathon training”

Diet plans and why they don’t work- a discussion.

There are many diet plans in the market but most of them do not work and are costly. These days we find them all over the Internet. Most of them advertise for a quick one pound loss per day. People set themselves up for high expectation wanting to lose lots of weight without the hardContinue reading “Diet plans and why they don’t work- a discussion.”

Week 32 of Marathon training by Akira

I think I may be allergic to dairy. This morning I had milk and last night I had yoghurt and I kept on coughing and I spewed this morning. I just finished my period. I think I have too much too frequently in the last few days. Either that or I have too much fiber.Continue reading “Week 32 of Marathon training by Akira”

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