Week 30 of marathon training

My period didn’t come at all until Saturday. This is the second time it is late and I haven’t been eating enough to fuel my runs and workouts at the gym. I am going on a No Meat May which may not have worked in my favour. I can (and do have fish and seafood) but no meat. I didn’t have enough fats for my period to come on time in the past few weeks. This week however I started to include them in my snacks and meals.


Then I biked for about 30 mins. I was going to do yoga but again my 7km run finished late and yoga started on time. I was too busy trying to find the right meal for the balanced runner: me.

Then the long run came and I suffered throughout that. I nearly died on Friday. I only managed 20km before I called it quits. Ran around Brunswick st and St Kilda road. It showered a little bit but I didn’t mind so much. Tried the long run with chips and Onion rings from Burger Edge.


With the Entertainment book discount it was $7.50 all together. These were nicely salted, although I have to admit that the service is a tad bit slow. There was only one other couple which came before me.

Tried the Cliff Bars- 2 for $5 at the Cruelty shop. They were sweet but nice. And they also fuelled me for a part of my long run.

At least I am trying to put more good fats into my diet. I have been pooing a lot. In fact I think I have the trots. My poos are big and very soft, sometimes smelly.
Update my period came on Saturday nine days late and it wasn’t too bad. But it was 39 days after the last one.

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