Week 27 of Marathon training by Akira

This week is all about the food and trying to cut out that sugar. I have about 6-8 meals a day, some small and some large. I am a very active person, walk most days and run most days. And I also do gym about 1-2 times a week.


Read about the cheating that happens in Boston and think its not fair for those that worked really hard for their reward. Hopefully though this does not happen at this years marathon. I’m worried.

I have a little bit of runner anxiety and don’t know what to do about this so I am reaching out to you for a bit of help. I am currently doing 18-20km over the weekend sometimes a little bit slower than the usual 3.5 hours. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready for the race.

This week on a Wednesday there was a bit of a strong wind which helped me reach 10 km in about 1.5 hours. But it didn’t help much that the ground was a bit slippery. I nearly fell down at one point. There was only light hail.

Discovered a new sporting shop in Melbourne Central and it hosted a few big brands. These shoes were so expensive but fashionable.


On Thursday, lost my myki and had runners anxiety over the money. No good. So of course the run was not great. Lost concentration over this.

Then on Sunday I conquered the hills well. Here I ran about 14 km of hills and it was not too bad thanks to all the gym work I am doing so far. Went to Lentils as Anything and had a fair bit of food for $10.

And then at the end there was more free food at the Sikh festival in Federation Square. They love to share the love rather than put a cost price on food. There was rice and kidney beans. Am keen to try them out one night.


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