Week 30 of marathon training

My period didn’t come at all until Saturday. This is the second time it is late and I haven’t been eating enough to fuel my runs and workouts at the gym. I am going on a No Meat May which may not have worked in my favour. I can (and do have fish and seafood) but no meat. I didn’t have enough fats for my period to come on time in the past few weeks. This week however I started to include them in my snacks and meals.


Then I biked for about 30 mins. I was going to do yoga but again my 7km run finished late and yoga started on time. I was too busy trying to find the right meal for the balanced runner: me.

Then the long run came and I suffered throughout that. I nearly died on Friday. I only managed 20km before I called it quits. Ran around Brunswick st and St Kilda road. It showered a little bit but I didn’t mind so much. Tried the long run with chips and Onion rings from Burger Edge.


With the Entertainment book discount it was $7.50 all together. These were nicely salted, although I have to admit that the service is a tad bit slow. There was only one other couple which came before me.

Tried the Cliff Bars- 2 for $5 at the Cruelty shop. They were sweet but nice. And they also fuelled me for a part of my long run.

At least I am trying to put more good fats into my diet. I have been pooing a lot. In fact I think I have the trots. My poos are big and very soft, sometimes smelly.
Update my period came on Saturday nine days late and it wasn’t too bad. But it was 39 days after the last one.

Week 29 of Melbourne Marathon


This week was my second week of yoga and it was quite fun. There was a lot of stretching going on in this but am almost getting the hang of it. One lady came late to class about 15 mins and the instructor didn’t let her in. The gym has a rule of not letting people into the class five to ten minutes after it starts due to not being able to warm up properly.

I was only five minutes late due to the run finishing a little late. I was supposed to be there by 7:20pm for the 7:30pm class. Got into class at 7:35pm.  This was due to the fireworks being set off halfway through my run so I had to stop. And wait for them to end before heading back.

Just a heads up to the very rich walker blonde who told me off whilst peeing outside, this is actually allowed on race day and I was practicing race day techniques. Yes I know the toilet was near, so what? There aren’t a lot of toilets and very long queues on race day. YOU ARE VERY RUDE to tell this runner off. It is done in training all the time.

I really don’t know how to deal with that odd rude person so if someone can tell me that will be great! Whether it be cat calls or them telling a runner off for peeing behind the tree!

As for the scales at the gym they don’t work. They weighed me in at 53.5kg where as at home I was 51.7kg. Got my bioage on Friday and they said that I have the body of a 38 year old when I am only 28. I have to work on my balance and my cardio as well as the planking. I can barely hold my own for 20 seconds and I need to be able to hold for a minute. I can also barely row 500 meters for under 3 mins.

But my health and lifestyle is good. I do not smoke and eat healthily.

Wednesday night’s run was not too bad.

For my long run this week I did 23 km. It was at 11:30am after the Mother’s day fun run for breast cancer which happens yearly. This was so much fun and I got a free tuna melt. The lines though were waay too long for the free coffee so I went to Charlie Lovett on the way.

Oh and there were balloons too for the kids. I didn’t walk away empty handed. I got a goody bag full of great runner goodies such as snacks and multivitamins.

There were a lot of people for the 8km run and walk.

Oh well hope you have had a good week and if so please leave a comment. How do you deal with the non runners by the way?


Coles Toothpaste

Coles homebrand toothpaste is always cheaper. But does it work? We put it to the test!

I needed a new toothpaste really badly and as a student am trying to save money.

I got this on special for $2 at Coles when it was Easter. It was also the time that they advertised that all the checkouts would be open. At Melbourne Central the line was not too bad and they have a lot more checkouts now. Some of them have card payment which can be a pain for those which do not have card. But it is much faster to pay that way.

Does the toothpaste work the same way as the other Colgate and generic brand ones? The answer is yes! Even better they have a really strong mint aftertaste and the teeth is a lot whiter and brighter.

And they protected my teeth for twelve hours against coffee stains and plague.

Verdict: Give the homebrand toothpaste a go if you have no money!

Week 28 of Marathon training by Akira

I got some itchy lumps on my leg. It might be chafing. It is so annoying.

Ran 7km in a little over an hour and it was dark. Nearly slipped on a piece of uneven road.

Went to yoga for the first time. Found it really hard to balance at first but after a while I will get this. I find that I learn most exercises in a class environment with the teacher there.

Did my first boxing session in months and gosh it is bad.

Did my first actual competitive spin and boy was that bad at 19.9-23.9km per hour. Imagine doing my race this slow.

Conquered my fear of the balloons. It took me many tries to do this but this is the week that I conquered them.

Then on Friday I ran an easy run of 10kms in the dark. It wasn’t too bad this time since there was no uneven ground. But at the start there were people to contend with as it was in the city.

Sunday’s long run was at Gardiners trail where it consisted of some slow parts. Here it was a lovely place to pat the dogs and enjoy the scenery.  I still kept to my pace of 8-9min miles but it rained a little bit in the middle and I had to walk to not lose my balance. Also I got lost along the way due to incorrect signage and nearly ended up in Balwyn. Luckily I took the train to Camberwell and went from there.

Right now it is Autumn. I’m not sure why my flatmate loves to have the heater on when it is not that cold outside. Our nights are between 5-11C and our days are not too bad. I don’t feel  cold though. As a runner we move and we warm up easily.

Week 27 of Marathon training by Akira

This week is all about the food and trying to cut out that sugar. I have about 6-8 meals a day, some small and some large. I am a very active person, walk most days and run most days. And I also do gym about 1-2 times a week.


Read about the cheating that happens in Boston and think its not fair for those that worked really hard for their reward. Hopefully though this does not happen at this years marathon. I’m worried.

I have a little bit of runner anxiety and don’t know what to do about this so I am reaching out to you for a bit of help. I am currently doing 18-20km over the weekend sometimes a little bit slower than the usual 3.5 hours. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready for the race.

This week on a Wednesday there was a bit of a strong wind which helped me reach 10 km in about 1.5 hours. But it didn’t help much that the ground was a bit slippery. I nearly fell down at one point. There was only light hail.

Discovered a new sporting shop in Melbourne Central and it hosted a few big brands. These shoes were so expensive but fashionable.


On Thursday, lost my myki and had runners anxiety over the money. No good. So of course the run was not great. Lost concentration over this.

Then on Sunday I conquered the hills well. Here I ran about 14 km of hills and it was not too bad thanks to all the gym work I am doing so far. Went to Lentils as Anything and had a fair bit of food for $10.

And then at the end there was more free food at the Sikh festival in Federation Square. They love to share the love rather than put a cost price on food. There was rice and kidney beans. Am keen to try them out one night.