Week 26 of Marathon training

Am thinking about doing Boston in 2019. To do Boston I would need to do a marathon or a half under 3 hours and 30 mins to qualify and I haven’t got there yet.

Why I want to do Boston might you ask? Its exciting and something different to everyday running.  Boston marathon is the most talked about marathon in the southern hemisphere other than Melbourne Marathon.

Watched the Sisterhood of the Travelling pants and they made me feel powerful. The one thing I learned is don’t judge a book by its cover. No one is perfect and there is happiness. But you just have to find your happy place.

Have started going back to the gym again this time for strength exercises and to learn about how they operate. Am thinking about teaching some of you guys. Do you have any people who are desperate to lose weight? Do you have any exercise that you recommend I do?

After a few strength exercises started performing much better on Friday and with less sore legs and less out of breath.

Went to the Colour Run on Saturday and it was a madhouse in there. You had to line up for a lot of things such as the bathroom. Therefore would need to work out a strategy for Melbourne Marathon as to going to the bathroom. There arent many bathrooms on course and there are long lines.  About 3000 people came to Flemington Racecourse.

Also saw that they let people off in waves which that was cool of them. The vibe at the start line was heaps of fun. Also all the glow lights were just as fun. If Melbourne marathon were to happen at night then it would be heaps more fun.

I have some sort of runner anxiety and this impacted on Sunday’s long run. Sunday’s long run was a slow 19km. This anxiety is about not being able to finish a 42.2km which I know that I promised you guys that I can do.

Also the diet of having all junk food on Saturday (two meals out to be exact) played a huge impact. When we do long runs it tests our nutrition for the week. If it is not good then neither is the run.

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