QVM on Sundays

Queen Victoria Market has a different vibe on a Sunday. Here we can enjoy street food and pat lots of dogs. Many of their usual stalls are not open on a Sunday. But however the wine stall was and so were many other gift stalls.

To get there, there are free trams in the city (route 19, 57, 59 all heading to the suburbs). Or you can walk.

There were no lines for the toilets this time which is great. As for the tap there is a funny knee thingy which you push with your knee to turn the tap on. Don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time, a lovely local will help you.

I enjoyed El Rincon’s chorzio eggs. The chorizo was finely chopped. The sauce and the bread not so much. The smell of the BBQ got to me. I didn’t like the sauce nor the store bought bread.

There are kids activities here too.

Do come by to the Sunday markets as they run many events here which are free of charge such as the Malaysian festival.

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