My eight weeks of quitting sugar by Akira.

Have you ever thought about the fact that there is too much sugar in your diet sometimes? Well I do examine myfitnesspal and found that I have had about 100-150 g of sugar a day. These aren’t your average sweets rather they are your added sugars in things.


Sarah Wilson’s I quit sugar has inspired me to start my own I quit sugar. Yes I still have the odd natural sugar here and there, but I am a lot cleaner. My shakes do not have sugar. What prompted me to start this journey was my very bad PMS. I used to get vomiting, diarrhea and lots of nausea. And there was the period pain. My body didn’t know what to do with all this sugar. With all this sugar there was a weight gain.

On her program I had to give up really sweet fruits and mostly giving up on the full cream milk as it has 13g of sugar in there. Oh and molasses has about 11g of sugar in there. On her program I enjoyed a lot of vegetables and cheeses as well as plain yoghurt. I saw that my PMS has gone down and my skin has cleared up. I am not vomiting or feeling nauseated now. Too many people end up in hospital due to an overdose of sugar. Too many people have diabetes and other cancers.

By quitting sugar I learned to love Kombucha. Kombucha is a gut loving drink which has no sugar in there.


Its very easy to see the yummy desserts on Instagram but it is harder to resist the desserts outside. I found that making your own non sugary desserts is much better. But with practice resisting sugar will be a lot easier as it doesn’t taste as nice. Trust me your taste buds will get used to the sensation.

My tips on quitting sugar

  • Swap the soft drinks and juices for water and herbal teas. We also love our aloe which we have in store or you can go to Shape up for your lunch service
  • Learn to love Kombucha
  • Learn to enjoy cacao instead of chocolate
  • Instead of chocolate cake in the afternoon, why not enjoy a piece of cheese or a can of tuna. I also love to have sushi for afternoon tea as it has all the healthy fats in there.
  • Instead of your usual morning tea cake, why not have eggs your way?

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