Week 24 of Marathon Training by Akira

This week I feel like I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole. This hole is dark and hollow. My sister hasn’t contacted me much and never replies me. She hardly ever sends messages. I always send her stuff when I can but she never replies me.

Running this week helped me to fill that black hole to a certain extent. But I still miss her.

Am trying to include more potassium in my diet but its hard.


Did my first strength training session and was just ok. It takes a while of getting used to and it was for Premiers Active April. And then on Thursday I was slow due to the lines at Burnley station where everyone was waiting for the bus. There were hundreds of people all waiting and it was hard to get out. And then there were hills.

It was hard getting back from a strength session and then I was hungry. What is wrong with me?

On Friday night I trained at night and forgot the light. So ran slower to avoid falling over. Next time I’ll have to remember to bring the light as I have one at home. Luckily I ran in well lit places but got lost along the way.

On Sunday it was a long run and it was cold. Here the Run for the kids was on and there were many participants. One thing I learned was that many participants did not wear their ponchos to run. Rather they wore moisture wicking things such as hoodies, caps and beanies. So will have to visit Kathmandu for them as well as other sport stores.

I run slower in the rain as I don’t like slipping a lot. My shoes can be really slippery. When I run in the rain I put the poncho on over my bag. I was a little bit low on iron this week have been coughing a little bit.

But then I had eggs for breakfast at Botanical and whilst it was from Cape Schnack it was a really small serve for $11. This was where all the Run for the Kids congregated afterwards.

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