Woolworths late night dinner service

Healthyinternational students site got a Gift card free to the value of $10 to try stuff at Woolies. This piece is not influenced in any way.

Woolworths is open from early in the morning until late at night and they always have a lot of ready meals such as salads, pies, sushi and stuff. I have tried their salads and I love the chickpea salad from the Salad Servers which have a good amount of chickpeas and onion.


You help yourself to whatever food that you want and then you go and pay. Paying is simple really. The Woolworths that I went to has mostly self service checkouts but there are people behind the counters too if you need any help.

I have had their pies before and they are awesome. They are filling and are quite warm. The pastry is thick but not doughy. They are messy to eat with hands and I have made messes. Their thai chicken pie is good for a winters day. All the pies are $4.50 each.

Their sushi on the other hand is just ok. They are freshly made in house but they are uber expensive at $10-$15 a small plate. A roll will set you back about $3 for not much. I tried their tempura sushi rolls and they were soggy and fell apart. But at least it was cold.

They do have drinks but it is only of the sweet kind or plain water. I have plain water and I can’t have sugar. Drinks are normally $4- $6 depending on what you buy. And no they don’t do coffee or tea at nighttime. By 8pm the cafe is usually closed at Southern Cross and at Flinders. There are a few other branches in Melbourne’s CBD but they are not as big as Southern cross.

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