Week 23 of marathon training

Its the first week of real cold weather as the mornings become chilly

I love watching Disney movies. They really get me in the right frame of mind as a runner. As a runner I would need to be relaxed, happy and focussed and that’s what Disney movies aim to do. I love the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the beast.

I feel like Amy Purdy when I do hard and sometimes long runs and in the two weeks before my period. The feeling in my legs disappeared. I wonder why that sometimes happens with us runners.

Sometimes the feeling has reappeared and in the long run it was over course of lunch so I was really hungry and had a few walk breaks at the start. And then at the end after my peanut butter sandwich I felt better and ran a little bit faster. I also tried running with a organic lime and mint icy pole which was not too sweet. I felt that I had a lot more energy to continue in the race. Yes I know that I am quitting sugar but this was a homemade brand.

I did this long run when daylight savings ended and it was just ok. Here I got an extra hour of snooze but it means longer nights and shorter days.

I also tried lemonade the other day and felt the energy hit.

I am trying to fit more hydration in, in terms of water but its not that easy. I am trying to drink 8L of fluids a day and have given up on the sweet drinks since they have no benefits for me. I do however like Kombucha.

Tried carbo loading and all was good. Am going have to get used to it. Had no eggs this week and will try to soon.

My goal by the end of April is to get to 30 km in a long run. It is going to be hard though.

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