The Lord Mayor’s student welcome and why it is my favourite time

By Akira

The Lord Mayors student welcome is on every year and every year there is always fun and games. And food.

But this years one had no free food and was outdoors. I could have done my zumba outside but there was no space. In fact students love comedy and Nathan Hartano. They also loved the quizzes.

This one had a bar and it was $25 for everyone else and free for students and student bloggers such as ourselves who were invited to this event by the City of Melbourne. The Lord Mayors event was a part of ASIA Topa. ASIA Topa is a series of Asian events in Melbourne. They are looked after by the SBS which does an amazing job of covering world affairs.

Here at the Sidney Myer Music bowl the music was amazing. But I have to say that the security was a bit tough about the water. But the drinks there are so expensive at $7-$11 a pop and we wouldn;t bring any alcohol in. So why get us to tip our water out? What a waste.

And where were the bathrooms? They weren’t inside the event- you had to go outside and then come back in. Outside that is to go to the bathrooms. And some people peed on the grass but behind a tree.

The event was amazing but it just needs some tweaking. That is all.

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