Tips for the newbie runners by Akira

Now is the time when new runners consider running their very first marathon. Most are excited but some are very nervous and don’t know where to start. So here are some tips on starting.


Think about the finances


You would need about $2000-$3000 per year just for clothes, shoes, nutrition and race entry. So set that money aside. Do you need some exercise gear such as weights and ropes for strength training? If so put about $200 aside for that


InstagramCapture_021317e7-c7d1-4808-ba5b-1c02a7681654Having a good plan for nutrition is a must. For some six meals a day is a good idea. Work out what works best for you. Running burns about 300-1500 calories per training session.

Do you have a pre existing condition?

If so think about what you need. Talk to your doctor about it. Tell the doctor that you are thinking about doing the race. Ask them about what this would entail.

Join a running group

Most running clubs welcome people of all ages and abilities and are willing to help you out if you put the effort in. In Melbourne we have the Crosbie crew. It is $60 per year and it is worth it. We also have Parkrun as well. They have regular weekday and weekend trainings in the park.

Read online blogs

Online blogs give you some great ideas on how to start. Runners World is one that I subscribe to. I also like Fannetastic food and the Hungry Runner Girl. Online resources also give you some good ideas on what to try when you are training.

Be motivated to start and always try and have a plan (and stick to it too).

Write down your goal. Be specific. Eg I aim to achieve a five hour best time in a marathon is better than I aim to make my parents happy doing this marathon.

Drink lots

Ok so you might not be used to drinking much at first but after a while you just will be. You may need to drink about 1L of water per body weight and 1L of water per hour of exercise that you do but trust me if you practice this most days you will get the hang of it.

If you don’t like water there is the Herbalife tea and aloe which has water but with a bit more flavour. Just PM us and we’ll get you some.

And yes at first you will have to go to the toilet lots. After a while your body will get used to it. It takes time and patience.

SO there you have it, if there are any more tips please drop us a line below.


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