QVM on Sundays

Queen Victoria Market has a different vibe on a Sunday. Here we can enjoy street food and pat lots of dogs. Many of their usual stalls are not open on a Sunday. But however the wine stall was and so were many other gift stalls. To get there, there are free trams in the cityContinue reading “QVM on Sundays”


Week 26 of Marathon training

Am thinking about doing Boston in 2019. To do Boston I would need to do a marathon or a half under 3 hours and 30 mins to qualify and I haven’t got there yet. Why I want to do Boston might you ask? Its exciting and something different to everyday running. ┬áBoston marathon is theContinue reading “Week 26 of Marathon training”

Week 25 of Marathon Training

This week my skin looked bad and I ate too many sweet things in order to increase potassium. That is not good and as a result my skin dried out. I found out that the more potassium we as runners have the better our hydration and skin gets. Also I have quite a bit ofContinue reading “Week 25 of Marathon Training”

Week 24 of Marathon Training by Akira

This week I feel like I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole. This hole is dark and hollow. My sister hasn’t contacted me much and never replies me. She hardly ever sends messages. I always send her stuff when I can but she never replies me. Running this week helped me to fill that black holeContinue reading “Week 24 of Marathon Training by Akira”

Week 23 of marathon training

Its the first week of real cold weather as the mornings become chilly I love watching Disney movies. They really get me in the right frame of mind as a runner. As a runner I would need to be relaxed, happy and focussed and that’s what Disney movies aim to do. I love the LittleContinue reading “Week 23 of marathon training”

The Lord Mayor’s student welcome and why it is my favourite time

By Akira The Lord Mayors student welcome is on every year and every year there is always fun and games. And food. But this years one had no free food and was outdoors. I could have done my zumba outside but there was no space. In fact students love comedy and Nathan Hartano. They alsoContinue reading “The Lord Mayor’s student welcome and why it is my favourite time”

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