Weight watchers by Katherine

Are you looking to lose weight this year? If so Weight watchers might be a good idea as Katherine talks about it below.


For Weight Watchers I pretended to be a 120 kg woman who does 12 min of exercise per day. I signed up for this six month program. I also pretended to be a woman who rarely eats fruits and vegetables but has chips everyday. She also has soft drinks and sweets most days.

They have a twelve month and a three month program. With the three month program you have to pay upfront. With this you’ll get meal plans and smart points. When I first used it I made a mistake. I randomly assumed points not knowing that there was a quicker way for this. When you sign up you’ll be asked a lot of questions about your weight and height.

I love how they give you all these options for Filling foods. I also love how they have all these meal ideas too.

I tried to find most of their stuff in the supermarkets in the city and it was relatively hard to find. Within the first week I bought a box of apple crumble bars and cranberry bars. They are very small but very sweet indeed.

The community there is very supportive of each other on Facebook and online. There are free meetups in the area for those that want it.

Then the following month I tried to pay by credit card and could not. I wanted to pay in store but it was hard as their online chat seemed busy and their store was often unattended. I tried contacting them on Facebook. Then they threatened cancellation because of unsuccessful payments. It used to be $33 a month but now $34!

In the end though they took my $34 and now I am a happy customer. I get lots of support online for the weight loss.

How do you feel about giving them a go?



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