Week 20 of marathon training by Akira

This week is not too bad. I did 104 kms in Feburary this year and then 21kms so far. I have been logging all my runs on a spreadsheet and most of them on Fitbit app. I also have been wearing my Fitbit daily. This helps to count the number of kms I have been walking or running and then plan my training around that.


Dang I still have the same bone problem of it being a 2.1kg of bone in my body. I used to be 2.2kgs of bone mass. What happened? I am still getting the same amount of calcium in my bones.

Tried running after a glass of strong red and chardonay to say that it didn’t work in the at least. I was hungover and less energetic. I could not focus. The pace was fast at 7min per km but the focus was not there. Lets just that I won’t be doing Sharpays Beer run which is about drinking beer and running.

My breakout is much better due to no sweets.

On Friday night I did not sleep so well. I had training that day and forgot to log on to my Fitbit so I hadn’t calculated the calories that I burn from exercise and daily activity properly. Hence I was sooo hungry. Daily activity I burn about 1500 calories and from exercise it is roughly 700-1500 calories depending on the type of run and how many minutes of walking I do.

One of the things that I noticed in myfitnesspal was the potassium level. This is either mid range or so low. For a woman wanting her periods to be regular this is not good. Luckily though Katherine can increase this by including more potassium rich foods such as molasses and meats. Edamame can be included. Lately Katherine has been feeling a bit heavy in the legs due to her period coming soon

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