Week 19 of Marathon training

Another hot and humid week meant more breakouts on my skin as well as rashes. But by Wednesday my rash went down and all was well again.

Now onto a psychological issue that I have tried to look up online and nothing was found. It is how to deal with family members who won’t support the running a marathon goal. I know that it is tough and that you have to be a really dedicated person to do so. I know that you have to give up some of the family time to do so and I have done so.


Their reason: running a marathon does not get you anywhere. In actual fact not true because you can learn so much from running one such as motivation, learning to complete goals and learning to deal with lots of curve balls. I’m not much of a goal completing/setting person so that will be a challenge for me. Many organizations would want someone who can complete all their goals on time and is focused.

Running a marathon also shows consciousness in yourself and others.

How do you deal with family members who don’t see that running a marathon is great?

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