Sole Motive’s Bulk Nutrients and new things

Healthy International students site received these products free from Sole Motive and did not have to pay.


We have reviewed them before and they seemed to be working just fine. Back then they were just starting out. They are whey products by the way and we got five of them.

The first product we tried was the Protein Matrix Chocolate. This item was really sweet so you don’t need to add anything else to it except water. Here this had the standard 24.1 g of protein.

The thermowhey mixed really well and is sweet and filling. It comes in a few different flavours such as Salted Caramel and Choc honeycomb. The Chocolate honeycomb was sweet for my liking.  Both the chocolate and vanilla are good. This time I really enjoyed the chocolate one. They have the standard 30g of protein which is great for long distance runners. Often we need more protein for our muscles after a workout. This week I have been doing 14km and 18km respectively.


The recovery watermelon drink was too strong in flavour my liking. The tropical drink was the same. I really didn’t want to finish it as the flavour was too strong and bitter for my liking. Is it a protein shake or an electrolyte drink? On the back it has 12g of protein but it doesn’t really look like a protein shake in the cup.

The other electrolyte drink was just great on a warm day. It is orange and it replenished my fluid levels after a long run in the heat. That day it was 28C but it felt more like 30C. But it had 26g of sugar which is not great for anyone except for sugar lovers.

Overall I’d buy the protein powders but not the electrolyte sorry.

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