Febfast 2017 by Akira


Febfast is a popular challenge with people wanting to lose weight. Many choose to give up on alcohol but since I don’t drink I chose to give up sugar. And giving up is a the hardest thing to do as many things have sugar in there. We explain why you should try and limit sugar.

By that we are not saying quit sugar for good as you would need some for everyday living and breathing. But you would only need about 30-50g. You should eat fruits most days or learn to love fresh fruit. Juice has about 25-30g of sugar if you buy it from the supermarket.


Australia has the highest obesity rate in the world and if we Australians and overseas students don’t limit our sugar intake it can lead to all sorts of problems. A shop assistant might tell you, “you can have as much sugar as you want”. In reality we should not

We did it this time. The challenge is a month long one where we quit sugar for good. Here we learned love things like kombucha and other savoury items. We don’t need sugar to feel good.

Febfast is about learning to deal with temptations. In the house there are too many such as soft drinks and biscuits. In the first few days it was hard and I made a few mistakes such as having a Buono bar which has about 21g of sugar. A soft drink contains about 25-38g of sugar.


I am allowed to have fruit which has natural sugars. In order to be healthy I also had some of Shape up’s naturally good smoothies during lunch. I know that they are expensive but as a runner are worth the investment.

In a few days my skin was clearer and I loved how I had more energy to do stuff. I had more energy to run and my PMS had almost cleared up.

In the end though I wished I had learned more. But I will learn more in the next challenge which is I quit Sugar.

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