Ilya Frozen Yoghurt


Ilya is a health food yoghurt place in South Melbourne. They also have a store in Elsternwick. Here they really care about the obesity issue by providing many low fat and sugar free options.

It is a self serve place. You go in and choose your yoghurt and the toppings and then pay according to weight. I choose all the fruit toppings and the chia of course. You can sample some of their yoghurt and I did just that. I loved their natural no sugar yoghurt. As for their slightly sweet yoghurt they use something called stevia.

When you want to be served and there is no one there, just ring the bell and someone will come. And that someone is a very friendly Canadian lady most likely a student. They really do focus on health and relaxation. They have many teas and they advertise the city’s meditation workshops which is great.

They also make great raw food protein balls and I had the peanut butter one and it was yum.

Do come by this place on Clarendon st in South Melbourne. It is near City Road and Route 12 trams service this place.

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