Week 18 of Marathon Training

I started looking at elevated gains. Although I have the old Fitbit model I discovered that I can look it up online and my elevation levels are 0-450 depending on where I run. When you run on flat services the elevation is 0. My calorie burn per minute is 4-7 cals. I don’t have the heart rate thing but oh well.


Ran around Fitzroy and that was a good 9km to and from the city. There were some hills along the way which made it even harder but on a cool day running is great. There were some bars and quirky shops along the way not mention good, but pricey places. It felt good quitting sugar as I had a lot more energy.

Tried to run on a warm day but found that I run a lot slower. Also found that I get very dehydrated easily.

For some reason my arm got a bit sore and stiff. So what I did do was to stretch that arm out.

Celebrated the end of the week and the end of eighteen weeks of training with a house red wine and pasta at Vapiano. Here’s to eighteen weeks of hard work and another 22 weeks of more hard work!

But then on Sunday went for an 18 km run and was very dehydrated. Normally I am good with the water but today was a little too warm for just two bottles of water. I think it was the humidity. Oh and my chafing got worse. In fact I have an itchy place on my back. I think it was from all the sweat and the sugar I had.

Watched the Run Hope race and it was fun cheering on the crowd that came. I was in the sun. Now I know to be placed right behind everyone. At the warm up I learned a few moves.

Afterwards went to the Japanese Summer festival and had the tofu udon there as it was the non sweet item that I could find. There were so many people and queues everywhere. There should be a concept of queues or a ticketed entry.

Readers what do you do about the chafing in the heat?


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